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The SDDS identifies four dimensions of data dissemination data coverage, periodicity, and timeliness; access by the public; the integrity of the data; and data quality.
It also helped countries rebase their national accounts; expand coverage in monetary statistics and increase frequency and accuracy in government finance statistics; increase data dissemination by publishing national summary data pages and advance release calendars; and add more countries to the IMF's General Data Dissemination System (GDDS) and the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS).
The new advisory panel will have 12 to 21 individuals with the knowledge and experience to help identify and prioritize key health communication and dissemination research topics for possible funding, and provide overall guidance for PCORI's communication and dissemination research, among other tasks.
Does the intelligent dissemination of information about customers in company's horizontal levels affect customers' performance?
He indicated that protection granted to websites by the ministry would improve and ensure a high- quality news dissemination based on a professional politically unbiased law.
The brief outlines a number of major factors found by NEHI research that could influence the creation of a coherent and effective CER dissemination strategy, including: existing and anticipated hurdles to CER dissemination; new trends in healthcare improvement that are potential drivers for CER dissemination; and policy choices for optimizing CER dissemination.
Since May 2007, NASA has changed some of its policies on the dissemination of research results through publications and presentations, but has not changed its policy on dissemination through news releases and media interviews, although it has made a key leadership change in its main public affairs office.
Comprehensive information on Libyan statistical production and dissemination practices now appears on the IMF's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board, a press release by the IMF said on 9 December.
Under the agreement, A would receive a onetime payment for the one-half interest; A would be responsible for virtually all C's editorial functions, and P would be responsible for all printing and dissemination costs.
There are also technical issues confronting dissemination by electronic means, specifically, archival stability and dependency on still evolving software and technology, but the all-powerful reach of the electronic form is proving irresistible.
Thus, EHP provided a forum for the dissemination of credible environmental health information to meet the needs of the scientific community; that is, the journal was a vehicle that aided in the translation of research into practice, However, the research papers often were not easily understood by the informed lay public.
To ensure that intelligence files meet constitutional standards, law enforcement organizations must establish policies and procedures concerning the collection, assessment, storage, dissemination, and purging of criminal intelligence records.

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