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Table 2 shows that while the quality press gives more importance to the disseminator and watchdog, the popular press privileges the infotainment, civic, and service roles in their reporting styles and journalistic discourses.
Commercial radio, like most new disseminator industries, began its history accused of copyright piracy.
The Information Disseminator helps me run my classroom more efficiently and effectively.
It adds that "false information is that information which is not based on reliable, scientific facts and reliable, scientific data which the disseminator knows or should have known to be false.
In Kansas, the Legislature hopes that the Information Network of Kansas (INK) will eventually replace the secretary of state's role as electronic information disseminator.
The Steel Construction Institute (SCI) is the leading, independent provider of technical expertise and disseminator of best practice to the steel construction sector.
She added that the media, as information disseminator, helps bridge the gap between high-ranking leaders and ordinary citizens, especially in times of calamities.
SCI is the leading provider and disseminator of best practice to the steel construction sector.
We see our role really as partner, as convener, as advocate and champion, as supportive critic, as disseminator of best and promising practices and as an incubator of leaders," Ms.
The first is the imminent sale of the Racing Post, about which lips will have to remain sealed until the ink has dried on the contracts but which, quite obviously, will give those who control racing's principal disseminator of information a never-to-be repeated opportunity to lay down a blueprint for the paper's future.
At all levels the frequency of rote practice, memorization, the search for one right answer, calculations that can be performed by calculators and computers, and the teacher as the disseminator of information needs to be decreased.
This is to say that while the Latin-based and didactic theater of the colleges perpetuates some of the old forms, it also proves to be the incubator and disseminator of the new theater.