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The dissension will continue until at least the board elections in November, the report said.
For example, Europeans subsidize agriculture and agricultural exports, a practice that caused dissension among GATT participants.
Note: If there is evidence of family discord (hostility, disagreement, dissension or any other factor indicating the family would not act together in running the company), a reduction in the value of the minotity interest may be allowed.
Truth," my students scold me in terms that brook no dissension, is nothing but a culturally specific phenomenon, and the "totalizing" tendencies of "scientistic" thought have been exploded completely by those postmodern thinkers who have deconstructed its self-aggrandizing pretensions.
Gluckman's design, expensive and echt-'80s though it may be, never announces itself but rather recedes, so that "important" artwork may without rancor or dissension command the podium.
Far be it for me to cause further dissension between Glasgow and Edinburgh and to speak ill of the dead, but if Donald Dewar made a mistake about the location of the building it was that he should have chosen Glasgow, as it is the biggest city in Scotland.
Positive discrimination measures have caused immense dissension in the Labour Party.
In issuing a temporary injunction that placed her suspension on hold, he also pointed out that there was no evidence presented by ARIN that Nichol's cross had caused any dissension or trouble between her and her students, and that Truscello, who had supervised her work for seven years, admitted that he himself had not noticed the pendant until this year.
Randolph's advocacy for working within the established trade union movement-the AFL, in effect-bred dissension especially among a new ge neration of black organizers, some drawn to the militancy of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, others active Communists.
People in the Brave New World were conditioned to believe that happiness was the supreme good; if they took to believing that the goal was somewhere beyond, confusion and dissension would result.
These two, Lochie and Isleen, feed on fear and anguish, and by taking any form they choose, stir up dissension and strife.
David Cressy, Transgressions in Tudor and Stuart England: Tales of Disco rd and Dissension