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That Dwarves do not think like Trolls and Trolls do not think like Dwarves (and that Trolls and Dwarves don't think much of each other, either) causes much dissension in the city of Ankh-Morpork.
I really dislike bitter conflict, dissension that is unproductive and that can be destructive.
Those of us in the dental environment know this is a topic that can cause dissension in the workplace.
Methods still attract both confusion and dissension in design.
McKinley, the self-anointed apostle of "liberation," sought an imposed national unity "that would quell discontent, eliminate dissension, and weaken the troublesome republican spirit which had revived so alarmingly during the preceding dozen years," continued Karp.
Jews were forbidden to live in Jerusalem, and Tiberias became the most important Jewish center; the fifteenth century was marked by the expulsion of Jews from a number of European countries; the Zionist movement in the nineteenth century generated more dissension inside modern Jewry than existed between Jews and non-Jews; half of the six million killed in the Shoah lived in Poland; Israel doubled its population in the four years after 1948.
Psychologist Donna Dawson said: 'Money issues are one of the biggest causes of family dissension, so ensure that what you are lending is really something you can afford to or want to lend - otherwise make your excuses and resist.
Along the way, Rogers describes Furman's family problems as personal tragedy visited him, and the internal Baptist dissension that disrupted his attempts to solidify Baptist work into a "convention" model rather than a "society" model.
While the differences between the girls are palpable, an invisible umbilical cord connects and strengthens them even in the midst of dissension.
Our dissension and negativity give fodder to the media to display our ugliness.
Despite internal dissension and conflict, the remaining members of the Society persevered and bought a new house for the club--the one-story building where the Society is still housed.
In 1876, after nearly 400 years of dissension, the two groups faced off in a bloody battle as the Native Americans fought to defend their nomadic way of life.