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The unequal division of a majority shareholder's stock between the testator's children may serve as a catalyst for dissension, especially where the terms were unknown prior to the decedent's death.
And he wryly notes that 9.9 million small arms circulating within a population of 24 million imply the option for continued armed dissension is higher than creative compromise.
National Unity Assembly (NUA) president Dr Shaikh Abdullatif Al Mahmood said instigators of dissension in Bahrain presented themselves to the world as a peaceful opposition but their claims have been exposed.
Iran believes that all issues of dissension involving Iran and these states can be resolved, however Tehran "believes that rights of the peoples of the region cannot be attained through foreign intervention," he said.
19 (BNA) -- A senior Palestinian official denied Israeli press reports about a new US initiative to salvage the stalled Middle East peace process and indicated that the plan for seeking international recognition of an independent Palestinian state unilaterally might turn into an issue of dissension with Washington.
A number of biased TV stations have lately persisted to broadcast news claiming the occurrence of dissension among army units in a bid to harm the reputation of the military institution and deviate sights off the fact of conspiracy that targets the resisting method of Syria as well as destabilizing its security.
While Swaraj relented after the home minister's acknowledgement of her dissension with Thomas's appointment, she said Chidambaram was being lenient with facts.
"It also calls for remaining faithful to the ideals of brotherhood, mutual aid and concord, and attached to the values of justice, peace, moderation and tolerance advocated by Islam." It is also an occasion to recall the duty to reject all tendencies seeking to sow dissension and extremism which our tolerant religion condemns, the messages underlined.
Dissension within the European Commission on bluefin tuna quotas has kept it from submitting a draft mandate to the Council.
* Political dissension and varying scandals have led to a worrying decrease in the IDF's prestige.
believe that Iran will become entangled in religious dissension and Shia-Sunni
The opposition and human rights organizations discussed the results of Kurultai of Concord held on March 23-24 in the capital of Kyrgyzstan on April 2.At the roundtable "Consequences of Kurultai: agreement or dissension" opposition leaders and rights activists expressed on the forum organized by the President.Head of Center for Human Rights "Kylym Shamy" Aziza Abdirasulova told that she decided to participate in the Kurultai of Concord to convey to the president current issues in the field of human rights.The leader of the human rights clinic "Adilet" Cholpon Jakupova rebuked Abdirasulova that in her remarks she spoke of the sector of human rights defenders, and noted that has a differnet opinion from the views of Abdrasulova.The roundtable also discussed the freedom of mass media.