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Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio was astoundingly labeled a 'partial dissenter' for ruling martial law was valid only in Marawi City itself, where actual combat took place.
To be clear, the "lone dissenter" reference was not to suggest that these individuals are always right, but to reference the language and tone used by management to discourage opinions or conclusions that may differ from management.
The law makes irrevocable an election to purchase the dissenter's shares.
Look at Jesus, he was a known dissenter. Look at Budha, look at genuine religious leaders; they were all dissenters in the very genuine sense of the word.
"Joan Ward, one of the Coventry Martyrs, was burnt to death at Little Park, near Mile Lane, for being a religious dissenter.
State Department." Her conclusion is titled "The Life After: From Internal Dissenter to Public Prophet."
I accuse every Egyptian dissenter who accepted Ben-Eliezer's or Bechor's opinion to be himself a strategic ally of Egypt's enemies, while I know for certain that such a dissenter is motivated by ignorance and not ill-will towards his country.
White focuses on what he claims is a neglected component of this process: the dissenter within a president's administration.
Norman Thomas: The Great Dissenter is a political biography of Norman Thomas (1884-1968), who ran as the Socialist Party candidate for President six times and devoted fifty years of his life to crusading for justice and equality for all Americans.
The dissenter must be honored with a platform from which to speak freely, assuming she is not merely being obstreperous.
Jaar has profoundly understood the ethical tradition of the Left in Italy, paying it a sort of homage with the entire trilogy, and honoring the integrity of Pasolini in his stimulating role of radical dissenter. He thus seems to be calling, provocatively, for the proliferation of Gramsci's political and moral thought, spreading his legacy into the future as an antidote to what Jaar calls the "sleep of consciousness."
"Remembering Roger Williams" (page 53) analyzes the legacy of the colonial religious dissenter and advocate of fair treatment of Native Americans.