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(25) As for the dissentient communities in the "Protestant West":
Their speculations are comical; all are captured by a "general admiration" of "his appearance," except for "two dissenting voices"--a dog who growls and a baby, the other "dissentient" (Hawthorne 253) whose outcries are insignificant and inconsequential.
The Bill which should have put an end to the inhuman practice of employing children to sweep chimneys, was thrown out on the third reading in the House of Lords (having passed the Commons without a dissentient voice) by a speech from Lord Lauderdale, the force of which consisted in, literally, a Joe Millar jest.
Penalizing a dissentient legislator who has strong local support runs the risk of losing that seat.
The dissentient, Judge Tulkens, noted there was no evidence of Sahin's reasons for wearing the headscarf, or that she was seeking to make any particular statement, or achieve any particular purpose, by wearing it.
Working from the supposition that every vice must be defined by reference to the virtue that it vitiates, in his treatment of sedition Aquinas explains how this sin "is opposed to a special kind of good, namely the unity and peace of the multitude." The vice consists accordingly in a violent conflict "between mutually dissentient parts of one people, as when one part of the civic community rises in tumult against another part".
Any frustration that dissentient students experience at these points in the curriculum is primarily the result of the fact that they are attempting to exercise legislative agency in a place where they have none, regardless of the intellectual competence that Catholic schooling nurtures in them.
It is still not confirmed whether Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was acting on his own accord or on the advice of Anwar Ibrahim when the uttered dissentient messages against Mahathir's administration criticizing the existence of "cronyism" and "nepotism", similar to the case of Suharto in June 1998.
Justice Crennan, in Harriton and Waller, wrote the leading judgment; Kirby J was the sole dissentient in both appeals.
The dissentient who rejected the first charge was Professor Hollis Cooley (Washington Square College of Arts and Science), a devoted civil libertarian who wrote a three-page explanation of his support for Bradley on each of the charges.
Such deterritorialization of rap and hip hop from its original sites in dissentient black urban neighborhoods of America has, of course, not always had positive ideological effects: Ice Cube says of the phenomenon of mass white listening to this music that "It's kinda like being at the zoo.