dissentient voice

See: dissent
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There was not a dissentient voice on the subject, either when Mrs.
The men agreed without a dissentient voice. Crayford handed the box and the dice to Captain Helding.
I never heard a dissentient voice in all the comments and I'm sure those certificates will stand on many mantelpieces in years to come.
Hence it is tempting to conclude that at the time of his greatest prestige, as the first truly Keynesian Chancellor of the Exchequer, he tamely endorsed the views of his officials, raising a dissentient voice only in 1949 over devaluation--and on the preposterous grounds that it was `morally wrong'.
After all, they understood everything; there was no dissentient voice, no one to say, "What does this mean?" because doubt is the voice from outside, and there was no outside.
Gujarat government sources reveal that Modi puts special emphasis on eliminating possible exposure of corrupt practices by throttling dissentient voices or threatening and smearing potential whistleblowers.
He therefore presents us with a "Great Britain growing richer and more powerful by the decade, [but] coarsening in the process, and leaving the historian with a sense that only in its dissentient voices is redemption found" (120).