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Where is dissenting by deciding more likely to generate a
Reading apocalyptic writing, Achinstein argues that "Dissenting writers deployed violence in order to solicit divine favour as well as to activate readers' desires for sympathy, solidarity, and action" (84).
According to most of these dissenting justices, our nation-state exists in a fallen state.
(1) Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The 20th Annual Leo & Barry Eizenstat Memorial Lecture: The Role of Dissenting Opinions (October 21, 2007) (transcript available at
In the most significant recent treatment of Southey's influential work, White argues that the Orientalism of this Arabic and Spencerian epic is best seen not through Said's Foucauldian lens but rather from a Gramscian perspective that can recognize syncretized solidarities between marginalized "Mohammedans" and Dissenting minorities within England.
Another example of a powerful separate opinion that may persuade a future audience is Justice Carlos Moreno's concurring and dissenting opinion in Strauss v.
The fact that a dissenting opinion, which was nine pages long was filed, made this case decided by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court noteworthy.
(80) "[E]ver since the New Deal made possible the canonization of dissenting opinions, Justices who differ from the majority have had an incentive to dissent rather than compromise, in the hope that their vision might someday be vindicated or immortalized." Krishnakumar, supra note 75 at 825.
The court that is conducive to a dissenting opinion is a strong court.
Best remembered for two dissenting judgements she made while presiding over two high profile cases, Tengku Maimun pointed out that other evaluation metric must come into play in evaluating a judge's performance.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Feb 15 (ANI): Dissenting Karnataka Congress MLAs B.