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30) Abandoning the seriatim mode and dissenting opinions also quickened the publication process; over a quarter of the cases decided by opinion between 1815 and 1835 were published in no more than five days.
61) In her forty-nine total dissenting opinions pre-dating 2003, (62) Ginsburg had not, unlike many of her colleagues, used her dissenting opinions as a vehicle to belittle the thought process of her fellow Justices or attack their opinions; (63) "[i]n defeat as in victory, she remain [ed] a voice of moderation and restraint.
Table 1 reports the number of dissenting votes by every member who dissented at least once between 1936 and 2013.
The international debate over the publication of dissenting opinions
The "score," it seems, would not matter to a Justice dissenting for institutional or personal reasons.
This emphasis honors Justice Carter's vision of posterity and contributes to the timeliness of the book and the relevance today of considering Justice Carter's dissenting views.
These commitments manifested themselves in her "Joineriana," or literary pieces sewed together through the contributions, conversations, and revisions of her own family members and the Dissenting network.
It was then Chief Justice Warren's fear of a strong dissenting voice and the resulting lack of respect for the Court's decision that caused him to work to achieve the consensus decision in Brown v.
Judicial dissenting opinions perpetuate the heroic frame of the law and the Constitution; the law can increase equality and liberty, and hence justice.
Still, a lot of these people are very smart and do have dissenting opinions that they now share sotto voce only among friends.
The sarcasm implicit in the added text of Justice Rivera-Soto's dissenting opinion is unmistakable.
After 30 years of uproar and dissent in moral teaching, the Holy Father ends the debate by clarifying the rules, and 60 dissenting theologians call for "dialogue" with their bishops.