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The term dissidence is most often associated with Russian, Central and East European movements opposing the regime in the Soviet Union, beginning in the 1960s and culminating, perhaps, in the statement by Vaclav Havel (1985: 23):
Insights from Tilly and Tarrow's (2007) political opportunity-cum-political process approach will inform discussions regarding the resonance of virtual dissidence and the ways in which political structures influence its evolvement and limit its efficacy.
La danse du Harlem shake et la vente de bouquets de persil pour defendre la liberte d'expression sont assez significatifs que l'esprit de dissidence et l'utopie revolutionnaire sont encore vivants et constituent une importante garantie quant a l'avenir du processus de transition.
D'autre part, le leader au sein de la Confrerie, Ahmad Abou Baraka, ecarte tout scenario de dissidence parmi les Freres niant aussi toute forme de rebellion dans les rangs des jeunes membres.
But the very subtitle of the book, Jewish, Leftist, and Youth Dissidence in Nazi Germany, captures the conceptual difficulties of his endeavor.
Academics from the USA and Europe will come to Hope's Cornerstone campus in Everton to deliver papers on a broad range of subjects from the rise of dissidence in Irish republicanism to corruption in the Republic during the final years of the Celtic Tiger.
Khanduri resigned yesterday, more than a month after BJPEoe1/4aos rout in the Lok Sabha election in the state and mounting dissidence against him.
There are few Baluchis in Ahvaz, but considerable Arab dissidence.
In 2008, a concert of praise, including from his rivals, salutes Geremek the "symbol" on the occasion of his accidental death: a symbol of dissidence and of peace, a man of honour and compromise, free spirit and humanism.
Her dissidence is often the result of a consistent outrage at the wrongs present in Afrikaner society.
In the end Wylie's most drastic act of dissidence has serious consequences.
Elle conclut que le droit doit permettre aux groupes marginalises de reclamer la protection de leur culture ou, inversement, de resister a des incursions culturelles et que ces revendications juridiques n'etouffent pas necessairement la dissidence au sein des cultures minoritaires.