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If this brother dies, the dictatorship will be responsible, just as it was responsible for the death of Zapata," said Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, who heads the dissident Cuban Patriotic Union.
However, such an attack would send out a clear message that there is a gathering and substantial threat from dissident republican groups based in Northern Ireland and Ireland.
Cuba has released two more political dissidents -- Hector Maseda and Angel Moya – from prison in a deal arranged by the Catholic Church.
The comments came after a two week period blighted by repeated dissident attacks which have narrowly avoided causing multiple deaths.
Another dissident, Guillermo Farinas, has been on a hunger strike for 134 days, seeking the freedom of 25 ailing political prisoners, who are believed included in the group to be released.
REPUBLICAN dissidents will murder a police officer to manoevre Sinn Fein into a position where its leaders become "legitimate targets".
Police in Northern Ireland have begun a major operation aimed at disrupting potential dissident republican activity.
On dissidents and madness; from the Soviet Union of Leonid Brezhnev to the "Soviet Union" of Vladimir Putin.
Jesus was a dissident, progressive and evolutionary within Judaism.
1638: John Wheelwright, another religious dissident, helps establish Exeter, in present-day New Hampshire.
During a late-February address in Brussels, former Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky warned that the European Union--referred to by former Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev as the "new European Soviet"--represents a continuation of the totalitarian vision he had fought against in Russia.
Her mother was the daughter of high-ranking party members who disowned her when she married a poor dissident, yet her parents managed to make a happy, if impoverished, childhood home for their two daughters.