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Analysts believe that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's death was part of a broader operation to crack down on dissidents, which should shed any remaining illusions about the kingdom.
He said that Noor Muhammad Hamdard, another dissident would also withdraw in favour of Muzafar Syed in PK-15 after the Eid holidays.
The sources said that despite several complaints to PTI chairman Imran Khan, the grievances of the dissidents MNAs, and MPA of PTI could not be addressed, forcing them to agitate.
Even a public greeting to specific dissidents would have been novel for a papal visit to Cuba.
Meanwhile according to one of the dissident member Imran Khan has made no contact uptill now despite the assurance made by Chief Minister Pervez Khattak.
Therefore if these three BJP MLAs come to them, their number would be 29, while the strength of dissident group would reduce to 19, he added.
George Cloutier: I have lived with two dissident directors--Charles Elson and General Krulak.
For most dissidents who have lived in Japan for a long time, the policy makes it almost impossible to regain their Myanmar citizenship and they now consider trading in their refugee status to become Japanese citizens.
Jose Daniel Ferrer, another dissident, was also arrested Thursday at his home in the southwestern town of Palmarito, Sanchez said.
Seven people are due to face courts throughout Northern Ireland on Saturday, charged with serious dissident republican offences following an intelligence operation by the police and MI5.
"If this brother dies, the dictatorship will be responsible, just as it was responsible for the death of Zapata," said Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, who heads the dissident Cuban Patriotic Union.
Havel, who passed away Sunday, at the age of 75, was the last President of the former Czechoslovakia in 1989-1992, and the first President of the Czech Republic in 1993-2003, after he rose to worldwide fame as anti-communist dissident playwright in the 1960s and 1970s.