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As the impact of wage-setting entities, like the effect of family schemes, is conditioned by class (Constantin, 2015; 2012), disregarding the dissimilarities between socioeconomic groups additionally contributes to confusing the influence of welfare states on gender wage gaps.
Rubery and Grimshaw, 2011) Notwithstanding the area of hiring, the gender wage differential among low-paid employees (Popescu, 2016) is thoroughly clarified by gender dissimilarities in output-related features.
checking for correlations between dissimilarities of TMT members' general values and organizational outcomes;
Therefore, the numerator in both coefficients counts the number of dissimilarities that are found among the values of the variable and, as it has already been said, it does not take into account the magnitude of the values nor the distance among them.
There is much more on the topic of the dissimilarities between the jurisdictions relating to protracted litigation, parties being represented by large firms versus small firms, the contributing to a judge's reelection to the bench, etc.
First, it considers both similarities and dissimilarities between sentences.
They also counted the number of MHC dissimilarities among those who were real couples, and compared them with those in the randomly-generated 'virtual couples'.
Conversely, conflicting interests between individual branches of the family (Gersick, Davis, Hampton, & Lansberg, 1997) and underlying differences between family members and the CEO (Poza, Alfred, & Maheshawi, 1997) may lead to dissimilarities in mental models about family business-related issues.
as a parody also relies on 'equally obvious dissimilarities between the marks' to produce the desired effect.
The final chapter summarizes the similarities and dissimilarities of these oracles.
In this study, however, the relational demography measure was a composite measure that combined dissimilarities in nationality, race and gender, which rendered the source of the positive effect ambiguous.
This study also found that perceived and actual dissimilarities in organizational values from the CEO negatively affect TMT member attitudes.