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checking for correlations between dissimilarities of TMT members' general values and organizational outcomes;
There is much more on the topic of the dissimilarities between the jurisdictions relating to protracted litigation, parties being represented by large firms versus small firms, the contributing to a judge's reelection to the bench, etc.
Because the host countries of our sample firms are members of the EU or have close ties with it, firms operating in those countries would be subject to a stronger supra-national EU infrastructure that is likely to reduce the institutional dissimilarities among the countries.
Thus, in qualitative cross-cultural research equivalences and dissimilarities are examined for the purpose of theory building and not only in order to establish data comparability.
These dissimilarities make differential treatment appropriate on some occasions.
Finally, the authors compute the total dissimilarity index for the composition of government expenditures as the sum of all these function dissimilarities, dividing it by the 2(s - 1), where s is the number of functions.
The basic idea is that two sentences are in a paraphrase relation if they have many similarities (at lexico-semantic and syntactic levels) and few or no dissimilarities.
Hamann--is the number of similarities minus dissimilarities divided by the total number of observations or variables
London, July 1 (ANI): Penny Perry, the daughter of Fred Perry, the last Briton to win the Wimbledon men's championship title (in 1936), believes that there are many dissimilarities between her father and current Wimbledon hope Andy Murray.
AaAaAa Besides discussing ways to implement the sentences handed to Dutch citizens of Moroccan origin, in light of the dissimilarities between Moroccan and Dutch laws regarding double nationality, the two parties tackledAa the legal problems faced by Moroccans living in the Netherlands and by Dutch companies operating in Morocco.
A Similarity of Percentages analysis showed low species similarity among individual habitat-diel samples (<25%), but strong dissimilarities among all sampling combinations (>90%) and an Analysis of Similarity showed significant differences m the fauna among each habitat-diel configuration.
Two methods for objectively measuring similarities and dissimilarities between the eleven official languages of South Africa are described.