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It can, in the first place, be clearly shown that mere external dissimilarity between two species does not determine their greater or lesser degree of sterility when crossed; and we may apply the same rule to domestic varieties.
I now saw Miss Fairlie's likeness in Anne Catherick--saw it all the more clearly because the points of dissimilarity between the two were presented to me as well as the points of resemblance.
In most cases there is a need to understand the structure of such data: groups of similar objects (clusters) and outliers, the similarity and dissimilarity of objects.
This situation is often explained by the similarity of economic structures and the dissimilarity of the production systems of the countries in the region.
A comedy series about the dissimilarity of our thoughts vs.
Another area where the HP smartwatch will have a striking dissimilarity with the Moto 360 is that while the Motorola offering will essentially be limited to the Android domain, HP has stated it would tap into both Android and iOS with its smartwatch.
Section 3 defines novelty of item and designs offline experiment, section 4 evaluates novel recommendation in traditional user-based collaborative filtering algorithm, we embed dissimilarity variable into user-based collaborative filtering algorithm and evaluate recommended result in section 5; in section 6 we embed dissimilarity and unknown variables into user-based collaborative filtering algorithm and evaluate recommended result.
We conducted similarity percentage (SIMPER) analysis to identify the species that contribute most strongly to the dissimilarity between the two seasons (Clarke 1993).
The approach of this study was based on dissimilarity measures estimated by the Jaccard index.
In contrast, when sampling products with sensory dissimilarity, consumers tend to prefer the item sampled last.
On the other hand, more dissimilarity may lead to better decisions, as it allows more creativity and innovation, which enriches the number of alternatives considered (LANKAU et al.
of Florida-Gainesville) synthesize their recent papers into a single-volume reference on system identification under criteria based on the information theory descriptors of entropy and dissimilarity.