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Wordsworth's principle of "similitude in dissimilitude, and
For William Wordsworth, writing in 1800, rhyme, meter and sex (he seems to have had in mind only what we would call heterosexual sex) all derive from "the pleasure which the mind derives from the perception of similitude in dissimilitude.
Invite a l'emission Studio Shems, Iyadh Ben Achour, a affirme, vendredi, qu'il a refuse qu'on presente sa candidature au poste de chef du gouvernement, lors du Dialogue National, expliquant son refus par la dissimilitude entre le pouvoir actuel et ses propres convictions.
In Africa and America, the dissimilitude is so conspicuous that, in the pride of their superiority, Europeans thought themselves entitled to reduce the natives of the former to slavery, and to exterminate those of the latter.
In 1869, Professor George Ticknor reflected on the fundamental dissimilitude between pre- and post-Civil War America: "It does not seem to me as if I were living in the country in which I was born, or in which I received whatever I ever got of political education or principles.
But whatever it's dissimilitude to a rat, it did carry a plastic tray holding Jell-O--so the rat was able to overcome its fear of otherness and approach the ratbot.
Je me retrouve ainsi, pour finir, devant le probleme eternel que suppose toute recherche dans l'ordre de l'ontologie, probleme auquel l'homme qui quete sa voie a travers le royaume de la dissimilitude, qu'il soit artisan, physicien, philosophe ou theologien est inevitablement conduit, a raison meme de la structure de son entendement (70).
i]n these circumstances, there is a total dissimilitude between
to some class or other of known objects he must refer it, and betwixt it and them he must find out some resemblance or other, before he can get rid of that Wonder, that uncertainty and anxious curiosity excited by its singular appearance, and by its dissimilitude with all the objects he had hitherto observed.
Il est assurement important de verifier ces hypotheses, mais, si elles sont validees, il est aussi essentiel de dessiner les configurations auxquelles elles renvoient, c'est-a-dire de montrer comment cette similarite et cette dissimilitude prennent forme, par exemple a travers d'autres dimensions de la socialite.
Newman uses this spatial metaphor to explain that varied perspectives of an idea, like an object, "are capable of coalition, and of a resolution into the object to which it belongs"; furthermore, "the prima facie dissimilitude of [an idea's] aspects becomes, when explained, an argument for its substantiveness and integrity" (p.
Symboliquement, la dissimilitude la plus importante se situe au niveau de l'importance accordee a la ville de Montreal.