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In my opinion, the language of fable serves here the function which Marchesi identified as its typical one, to recall the servile past it seeks to repress, and Horace uses it in order to undermine the overt claims to freedom of his epistolary persona, to hint that we are being addressed by a dissimulating slave.
One more time, his face supplies the dissimulating legend under which he can remain alert and observant.
Stipes further said: "It was a direct and voluntary management's decision to take this action, conservatively and proactively to remove from the balance sheet all exposure to CBO's and CLO's, and at the same time eliminate the possibility of future charges to earnings, without dissimulating or disappearing the loss or potential loss with a combined sale of assets or securities, as our strong balance sheet and core generation of income requires non of that.
I was completely isolated in this dissimulating experience, sometimes frightened, at other times curious and even contemplative.
For example, a person with a recorded GCS of 14 and ability to follow commands in the emergency room who claimed two days of coma may not be dissimulating if he or she is referring to post-traumatic amnesia (PTA).
The former furnishes an essentially verisimilar picture of the origins of the war in Chile prior to the poet's arrival, while largely dissimulating its epic imitations.
The university might be able to prevent senior authorship of a sufficient number of high quality articles emerging by refusing authors access to complementary inputs such as equipment or research assistance, or by dissimulating ex post as to the required quantity or quality of output since these outputs are not traded in competitive markets.
The amount of precious energy ordinary citizens are required to expend on this pretense, even keeping tabs on one another for signs of adherence to the cult, is an affirmation of the government's power, even though everyone, including the government, knows that everyone else is dissimulating.
We estimate that the maximum number of persons who may have been dissimulating about alcohol intoxication was 107 respondents out of more than 27,000.
He has found, among other impeccable examples, a dissimulating poser named "Deceptive" and a presumptuous retainer named "Reckless.
I think that whole idea of dissimulating, storytelling, narrative fictions and willing complicity between the artist and the viewer goes back to almost the very beginnings.
Throughout much of the novel Fish works to separate the real from the dissimulating Tyree, and Fish himself even attempts to take his father's place, acting the role of the cheerful, emasculated black man.