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I have thought her crafty, dissembling, interested sometimes, it is true; but may not much that looks like cunning and dissimulation in her conduct be only the efforts made by a bland temper to traverse quietly perplexing difficulties?
And I added that John Cumnor was so convinced, and so all the more convinced by Miss Bordereau's tone, that he would have come himself to Venice on the business were it not that for him there was the obstacle that it would be difficult to disprove his identity with the person who had written to them, which the old ladies would be sure to suspect in spite of dissimulation and a change of name.
Archer looked at her perplexedly, wondering if it were lightness or dissimulation that enabled her to touch so easily on the past at the very moment when she was risking her reputation in order to break with it.
Le collectif de defense deplore les lacunes qui ont entache l'affaire et empeche la revelation de la verite, estimant que certaines parties se cachent derriere la dissimulation de la verite, a l'instar du Mouvement Ennahdha.
ne de la dissimulation du chiffre d'affaires des commerAaAa prend des proportions alarmantes.
Le changement dans l'exer du pouvoir commence par la mise AaAaAeA nu, le dAaAaAeA@voilement permanent d dissimulation et de la simulation comme techniques de l'exercice du pouvoir.
But much more interesting (and unusual) is the repeated insistence throughout this comedy on the notion of dissimulation.
But what if there was a man who operated without benevolence, without pretension, without patience for dissimulation, or without even a desire really to traffic with men at all?
As for Boris Johnson, would it not be fairer to say that he is one of the few public figures who says exactly what he thinks without dissimulation and says it in a clear and forthright way?
Given these findings, Kitchen's determination to reveal Speer's lifelong opportunism, ruthlessness, avarice, egocentrism, snobbery, dissimulation, and mendacity is somewhat anticlimactic.
The dissimulation of networks, the displacement of works.
While doing so, its main tactic has been concealment and dissimulation.