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By tonight (Wednesday) it may have already weakened into a low pressure area and eventually dissipate," Javier said.
Although a typical ECL gate dissipates less than 10 milliwatts, 10,000 of these gates integrated onto a chip can bring total power consumption easily up to 20-30W At high temperatures, corrosion mechanisms accelerate and stresses are generated at the material interfaces because of different expansion coefficients.
Aavid Thermalloy designs, manufactures and distributes on a worldwide basis thermal management products that dissipate unwanted heat, which can degrade system performance and reliability, from microprocessors and industrial electronics products.
Magnesium has the ability to absorb these vibrations and dissipate the energy as heat.
The stretching and compressing work the molecules in the viscoelastic material and dissipate the vibration.
Traditional conduction-cooled ATR chassis can handle boards that dissipate 20-40 watts per slot.
Much of the charged gas ejected doesn't dissipate immediately and becomes trapped in Earth's enormous magnetic field.
Officials expected the chemical to dilute and quickly dissipate, which is characteristic of hydrogen peroxide, McLean said.
These bonds break easily in an impact and quickly dissipate energy before forces build up to break collagen molecules' chainlike backbones.
Compared to multi-core microprocessors (MPUs) in the server market that dissipate tens of watts, the low-power MSC812x devices deliver an unmatched 2GHz and 8 giga multiply accumulates per second (GMACs) of DSP processing power while dissipating only 2 watts.
The tubing is a three-layer co-extruded construction, also containing a barrier polymer to block permeation and a conductive resin to help dissipate static charges.
Conventional heat sink is used to dissipate heat, which is effective when there is space for a cooling fan.