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As it can be seen, the diode dissipated power could be around 2 W in this case.
2011-67, the individual taxpayer's request for an OIC was denied when the examiner included dissipated assets in the RCP calculation, resulting in an RCP sufficient to satisfy the outstanding tax liability within the statutory collection period.
However, a number of federal and Tax Court cases support the IRS's practice of including dissipated assets in the RCP calculation.
Increasing speed to twice the previous value increases the energy dissipated on impact by four times and at three times the speed by nine times.
2 : to scatter or waste foolishly : squander <He dissipated his saved allowance.
The research is focused on evaluation of the disturbance in the DSC which is defined and applied by dissipated energy induced by stress.
This tendency is reflected in the Pew study, which found: "The widespread hostility Republicans felt toward the federal government has dissipated now that their part controls all of the levers of power in Washington.
Cohen, an author, writer for the New Yorker, and a contributing editor of Rolling Stone, captures the spirit of a specific time and place, but he also conveys the tenderness of youth on the brink of promise fulfilled and dissipated.
They calculated the stiffness and total energy dissipated and then correlated this information to descriptive attribute measurements.
The model is based on a relationship among stiffness changes in the mixture as damage occurs; the rate of change in dissipated pseudostrain energy as loading is applied to the samples and as damage occurs; and mixture properties, including crack length changes upon loading and mixture cohesive surface energies.
Sales in the first quarter this year, however, nearly doubled as the storm clouds dissipated.
And the Internet, bless its utterly dissipated soul, is chaos.