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(i)Total power dissipated when the device operates at LVDCI_15, SSTL2_II IO standards and when its frequency is also scaled from 1 MHz to 1THz as shown in table 1.
External loading on rocks changes the stress-strain state of rocks (stored elastic energy) and also affects the rock damage state (dissipated energy) [9].
performed thermodynamic analysis of the rock deformation and failure process, revealed the internal relationship between rock failure and energy accumulation and release, defined concepts of unit dissipated energy, releasable strain energy, strength loss, and overall failure, and established rock strength and an overall failure criterion based on an energy dissipation and release principle [1].
Charalampakis comprehensively examined the response and dissipated energy of the Bouc-Wen model.
The LPA dissipated early Monday, said Alvin Pura of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa).
In this paper a powerful method is proposed to calculate the dissipated viscous energy in pavements due to the viscoelastic behaviour of bituminous materials and then to evaluate resulting fuel consumption excess.
Both components were selected to produce the total dissipated power a little larger than 30 W.
2011-67, the individual taxpayer's request for an OIC was denied when the examiner included dissipated assets in the RCP calculation, resulting in an RCP sufficient to satisfy the outstanding tax liability within the statutory collection period.
Reasonable Collection Potential and Dissipated Assets
After all, at higher speeds you travel further during your reaction time, breaking distance is increased and, most importantly, if you have a collision the energy dissipated in the impact will be higher, increasing the risk of serious injury and damage.
The discovery could give a new insight into just how energy is dissipated in solar system sized plasmas such as the solar wind and could provide significant clues to scientists developing fusion power that relies on plasmas.
1 : to cause to break up and disappear: disperse <The wind dissipated the clouds.>