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This effect is based on the designs of dissipaters, which are combinations of thin conductors.
These results yielded a classification table in which 14 (44%) of the cushions tested were high moisture dissipaters and 13 (41%) were high heat dissipaters.
Laughter is a distraction; to be precise, in Schopenhauer's words, a dissipater of anguish.
Treat him for what he really is: an agent provocateur and an energy dissipater.
reservoir outlet works facilities including an inlet/outlet tower and control building, a low-level inlet structure, a reservoir drain valve vault and energy dissipater, an outlet works conduit, a spillway and outlet channel, and an access bridge.
For these reasons, in this paper we propose a numerical method for mathematical modelling of a cylindrical pneumatic dissipater with a controlled flow between internal chambers where the heat transfer, energy balance, and orifice flow are taken into account and thermodynamic state of gas is updated every calculation step.
By adding one or two N7909A power dissipater units, current sinking can be increased to 100% for an indefinite time.
The energy dissipater may be a straight apron or some type of stilling basin.
The conduit extension is constructed under the FHL Canal and terminates in a baffled outlet energy dissipater located approximately 125 ft downstream of a reinforced manhole.
Tenders are invited for Indirect Recessed Luminary With Decorative Central Dissipater And Light Guiding Side Reflector Powder Coated Curvilinear Cast Aluminium Housing With High Light Transmitting Creats Light Space As Per L G7 Lighting Design System Power Consumption Is 15 Watt Low Thd Lower Then 10 Percent, High Pf Greter Then 0.
The best wave energy dissipater is a natural, wide beach.