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The series synergistically marries a fan and "open fin" heat sink, dissipates 0.
Much of the charged gas ejected doesn't dissipate immediately and becomes trapped in Earth's enormous magnetic field.
From a hardware perspective, RAID systems typically include such high-availability features as redundancies, hot-swappability, and thermal management to dissipate heat build-up.
Damping is defined as a measure of the capacity of a material or structure to dissipate energy and is an inherent property of a material or structure.
KEY SPECS: 24 core processors, each of which can operate at one billon instructions/second; chip dissipates 150 mW in a typical application
However, the electron's energy usually dissipates among other surface electrons before such a reaction can run its course.
The HVD SCSI 9 line transceiver dissipates 1 watt when it is enabled because of the high voltage driven on the line.
2]) line uses a type of plastic that dissipates static electricity to protect electrical components from being permanently harmed.
Isodamp C8002 thermoplastic molding material dissipates energy internally, at the molecular level, virtually immediately, and avoids the design problems of lightly damped compounds (silicones, gels, rubbers, etc.