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While initial trials of PEEK with glass fiber and carbon fiber composites were successful in producing static dissipative molded test specimens, increasing the test voltage resulted in the historical burn-in phenomenon.
A standard asphalt tile with a dissipative wax commonly used in commercial applications (grocery stores, offices, some manufacturing) is shown in Figure 7.
Laun (17) found that applying a capillary with smaller diameter (D) can significantly reduce the dissipative heating effect in the capillary flow under the same shear rate, because large surface-to-volume ratio of the melt is beneficial for maintaining an isothermal condition within the capillary.
Employing this procedure for the construction of the equivalent simplified model made it possible to determine not only the elastic and inert parameters of the simplified model, but also to obtain the values of the dissipative parameters for the analysis of the dynamic system.
The research work calculates the effective area of interaction for each of the elementary dissipative processes.
Our aim is to solve analytically the two-dimensional in space nonlinear wave propagation problem, using the simplest possible but informative description of internal dissipative features.
Growth rate and dissipative structure are obtained with iterations of the growth resistance coefficient k in the intervals: 001[right arrow]0.
For gloves, the best test of dissipative performance is via In-Use Resistance per ANSI ESD TR-03.
A method has been patented for modifying the electrostatic dissipative characteristics of a substrate.
In semiconductor and disc drive manufacturing, their ultra clean and dissipative qualities make them attractive as elements in wafer carriers and handlers.
Macroscopic nonlocality consists in correlation with different dissipative processes without any local carriers of interaction.