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Dissociable neural responses in human reward systems.
Transcallosal white matter degradation detected with quantitative fiber tracking in alcoholic men and women: Selective relations to dissociable functions.
While word-level reading skill components, such as accuracy and fluency of reading aloud single words, are also important for reading achievement, and are the skills most frequently deficient in children with specific reading disability (RD) ("dyslexia") (Lyon, Fletcher, & Barnes, 2002), such "lower-level" reading measures are in part dissociable from reading comprehension performance (Oakhill, Cain, & Bryant 2003) and seem to express a different cluster of cognitive skills (Cain, Oakhill, & Bryant, 2004).
Anxieties about trial and sentencing are no longer dissociable.
41) For Auerbach, however, philology entails a certain historical perspective as well as the firm belief that every culture and period are part of a series of cultural and material conditions that are not dissociable from the different stylistic registers of literary realism.
Fused silica, the most widely used capillary material in CE, carries dissociable silanol groups on the surface, and the fused silica surface can acquire a positive charge.
Gabrieli JD, Stebbins GT, Singh J, Willingham DB and Goetz CG (1997): Intact mirror-tracing and impaired rotary-pursuit skill learning in patients with Huntington's disease: evidence for dissociable memory systems in skill learning.
The proposals assume that the body is dissociable from the self and can be treated like property.
Research on separators for lithium cells initially focused on inert polymer matrices imbibed with a solvent containing a dissociable lithium salt.
Ces idees civiques ou politiques laissent dans 1'ombre la pensee economique ou sociale de ces memes acteurs sociaux et, pour l'Eglise catholique en tout cas, la pensee nationale n'est pas dissociable de sa conception des rapports sociaux et de sa vision de l'economie.
But he does not see why this unique legacy of horror should be exploited to inhibit the political rights "of a people who are absolutely dissociable from what has been an entirely European complicity.