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Upon expulsion under the operating agreement, the member is dissociated.
As Assad came under mounting international pressure to end the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, Lebanon has dissociated itself from Syria's condemnation at the United Nations, a move that has enraged March 14 parties and deepened the split among the Lebanese.
He says the president had neither dissociated himself from political activities, as expected by the court, nor stopped using the premises of the presidency for purposes of his political party.
Lebanon, a neighbour and close ally of Syria, did not block the adoption of the statement, but it invoked a procedure last used 35 years ago and dissociated itself from the text.
ISTANBUL, Nov 29, 2010 (TUR) -- The Turkish economy dissociated in a positive sense, a monthly report prepared by Deloitte Turkey said.
9 dissociated itself from this year's celebration of philosophy, planned to be held in Iran on Nov.
In neurolinguistics (not a new form of pasta but a different way of looking at how people communicate), we talk about being dissociated and associated.
The pK value of an acid represnts the pH at which the acid is 50% dissociated and 50% undissociated.
One psychiatrist told the court she thought Boyd may have been dissociated from reality.
He finds that the philosopher's 50 years of work can be viewed as an effort to articulate the unity that makes it possible to hear cultural differences as a diversity of voices rather than merely a mass of dissociated utterances that are unintelligible to each other.
Archbishop Oliveira had dissociated his province from the actions of the bishop of Recife, Robinson Calvacanti, who took part in irregular confirmations in Ohio in March 2004.
But You Are the Weather, 1994-95, Clowd and Cloun (Blue) and Clowd and Cloun (Gray) (both 2001), and Doubt by Water, 2003-2004, demonstrated that atmospheric or geographic conditions, in the trace of an exposure or a proximate representation, could infiltrate and perturb the human facies, imbuing it with a dissociated abundance.