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On July 15, 2019, the FSC Board of Directors announced that the Korindo Group is not to be dissociated from FSC, and is to remain associated with FSC.
Umahi in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Emmanuel Uzor dissociated himself and his Government from any form of political gathering with intent to promote his Presidential ambition in 2023, saying he is more committed to delivering quality and purposeful leadership to the people of Ebonyi State.
New Delhi [India], Jan 22 (ANI): The Foreign Press Association (FPA) has dissociated itself from the claims made by 'cyber security researcher' Syed Shuja at an event held in London on Monday regarding the hacking of electronic voting machines (EVMs) during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.
Rights, Obligations, and Legal Status of a Dissociated Member
The pK value of an acid represnts the pH at which the acid is 50% dissociated and 50% undissociated.
On QUEST tool grasp and dissociated movements results were significant (p=0.005) and (p=0.028) respectively.
Although I am not a Twitter user, I understand that the national Momentum organisation has dissociated itself from the remarks as well.
BRIGADIER H Morrish, commanding officer of the Merthyr Salvation Corps, due to give a carol service at the Martyrs Club, Merthyr, when a woman will wear a topless dress to claim a PS200 prize, today dissociated his unit from the "attraction".
The prophet Muhammad is reported to have dissociated himself from those who disobey those in authority (al-Muslim).
AN EMBARRASSED BJP- led NDA government on Monday dissociated itself from Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed's controversial remark crediting Pakistan, militants and separatists for a peaceful assembly elections in the key border state.
The investigational drug is a selective, high-affinity, dissociated agonist of the glucocorticoid receptor, and appeared to be associated with fewer potential adverse events than are typically seen with glucocorticoids in a phase II trial that compared 8 weeks of the drug against placebo and prednisone, according to Dr.
He said that major political parties of the two cities had already dissociated themselves from the electoral process.