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Different acids have different pK values, depending on the acid's tendency to dissociate.
Asked to respond to the statements that the actual substances used to fluoridate public water have not been tested, Cathy Mudge, the CDA representative, stated, "Fluoride is fluoride is fluoride," that the CDA's position is that the silicofluorides dissociate in water so that it is the same as sodium fluoride.
In such a case, the acid dissociates into ions, the solution conducts electricity, and the water molecules are broken apart to form hydrogen gas at one electrode and oxygen gas at the other.
Therefore, the declaration is salient because it neither takes the state to this side nor to that; it yet dissociates Lebanon and the Lebanese from the reverberations of the Syrian crisis," he added.
The process melts, decomposes, vaporizes and dissociates these waste materials in the high-temperature, reducing atmosphere of a specially designed reactor; theoretically akin to melting an ice cube in an oven, and then collecting the vapor and reusing it in its gaseous form.
It may be possible to synthesize HeBeO, says Frenking, by heating beryllium oxide, a polymeric solid, until it dissociates into pairs of beryllium and oxygen atoms, then trapping the pairs in liquid helium.
When a molecule itself disintegrates or when it dissociates from another molecule to which it is bound, how are the complex internal energies redistributed throughout the fragments involved?
In the new research, a quartet of scientists, led by Michael Casassa, used ultra-fast laser pulses to study how two identical and weakly bound NO molecules dissociate, a divorce that occurs in less than a billionth of a second.
The energy delivered by the laser light dissociates the molecule, and the two atoms fly apart.