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In the new research, a quartet of scientists, led by Michael Casassa, used ultra-fast laser pulses to study how two identical and weakly bound NO molecules dissociate, a divorce that occurs in less than a billionth of a second.
Hirzy responded, "Certainly it dissociates, but not totally.
Then, by carefully readjusting the voltage applied to the microscope's tip, they send a pulse of electrons of just the right energy to excite a particular molecule, which dissociates.
Left out on a tabletop, methane clathrate dissociates into its constituents, leaving nothing but a puddle of water.
This limited atmosphere is provided by the small quantity of moisture that dissociates at the interface between the refractory and the liquid iron, which presents essentially an infinite source of C.
He should apologise and Mr Andy Gilchrist should make sure that he dissociates himself from this unwarranted attack and apologise on behalf of the FBU as a whole.
3) When a member wrongfully dissociates from an LLC, however, the wrongfully dissociated member incurs liability to the LLC and remaining members for any damage caused by the wrongful dissociation.
Therefore, the declaration is salient because it neither takes the state to this side nor to that; it yet dissociates Lebanon and the Lebanese from the reverberations of the Syrian crisis," he added.
Farhatullah Babar said that the Presidency completely dissociates itself from any recent posting and transfer in the bureaucracy.