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20) HC's argument can be summarized: If a marriage breaks down completely, there remains nothing that can have the property of indissolubility; but marriages can and sometimes do break down completely, and whatever then remains of them is dissoluble.
Osann made a complementary analysis [18] for the part of platinum ore dissoluble in nitric and hydrochloric acids mainly to check the content of rhodium.
The words "soul" and "spirit" may be used interchangeably, for in all cases these terms denoted a semi-material pneuma, a sort of subtle body which was also called "volatile" and was identified chemically with oxides and other dissoluble compounds" (184-85).
Since marriage is not a sacrament, it is also dissoluble.
With Ficino, the gap between humans and God is dissoluble through Love, making a positive theology through the connection of creation.
Lafleur AL Monchamp PA, Plummer EF, Kruzel EL Evaluation of gravimetric methods for dissoluble matter in extracts of environmental samples.
1896) ("The law views marriage as being merely a civil contract, not differing from any other contract, except that it is not revocable or dissoluble at the will of the parties.
She shows that support for the developing Protestant/parliamentarian concept of a dissoluble marriage came from their study of Hebrew law in the Old Testament.
As Hegel noted in his views on marriage and divorce, the sad truth of marriage is that it is dissoluble through divorce while in principle it should not be dissoluble.
our insight the character of a connection purely arbitrary, dissoluble
Turnover of Dissoluble Coffee, including Specialties Total market share of Share of specialties in extracts in tons Percentage 1990 14,200 14 1991 15,800 21 1992 17,700 30 1993 21,700 45 1994 24,200 52 1995 26,350 58
Later in the century, it was dissoluble, but only on proof by one sinless spouse of a serious marital sin committed by the other.