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Separately but alongside, Synacor's board said it tried to "engage in cooperative dialog" with dissonant stakeholders JEC Capital and Ratio Capital, which together hold about 10 percent of Synacor stock.
Dissonant disabilities; women with chronic illnesses explore their lives.
Western music often uses increasingly dissonant chords to build emotional tension, which gets resolved by returning to a consonant chord.
Micachu & The Shapes @ Buffalo Bar, Cardiff (Wednesday) FAIRLY bonkers skronk-pop which sounds like nothing else you'll hear all year, mixing catchy melodies with dissonant fuzz, bleeps, blips and skittering dance beats.
The second, The Atlas of the Voyages of Things, exists only in scribbled note form, and highlights the more dissonant aspects of the character of the father--dying and in need of redemption both as a writer and a parent.
It's a complex, dissonant work that is exciting and edgy.
This lively, eight-minute gem is a perfect start for an evening of Russian magic, and the composer is still alive, despite daring to thumb his nose at the old Soviet regime with dissonant delights such as this.
For those unafraid of dissonant harmonies, Simpson's Symphony No.
Many of their fans were afraid that their dense mix of crunchy guitar, distorted, dissonant samples and chugging blues rhythms would get lost in the shuffle of Interscope's current library of sure-fire top 40 cash cows.
Two cognitions are said to be dissonant if one cognition follows from the opposite of another.
When Rice explodes, barking "fuck you" over a threnody of dissonant strings ("Rootless Tree"), well, you're definitely not in James Blunt territory.