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When we live in dissonantly attuned relationships, where we feel separation ...
This piece begins heroically, dissonantly Chopinesque, then jazzes and rocks hiply in movement two, Epicycles, Tap-Dancing and Soft Shoe in a very knowing fashion.
The bubbling semiquavers of the scherzo and the strident, dissonantly exciting intermezzo drew the audience on to the orchestral showpiece which makes up the finale, Rudy producing a finely paced and executed showpiece of a cadenza.
"Global environmental perspectives -- and, especially, serious consideration of global environmental crisis -- must be fused (however dissonantly) with other contemporary aspects of globalization for us to present a genuinely complex, critical vision of the process" (71-72).
Here the tradition of the hero's chastity clashes dissonantly with another narrative tradition, that of the joining of the heterosexual couple.
The racialized eroticization of the black female body in this novel narratively reinforces the oppression of women by men, who are dissonantly characterized in the book as benevolent regulators.
Psychonarration--"the analysis of a character's thoughts taken on directly by the narrator" (Genette, Narrative Discourse Revisited 58)--can be used dissonantly or consonantly.
For couched therein, in oft flagellating terms, is the emblem of contorted (self-subsuming, all consuming) hyper-auto-representation, which operates, dissonantly and antiphrastically, as the central, albeit sole, animator of textuality.
"A bachelor journeyman culture existed dissonantly with the reality that many artisans were married," and under economic pressure produced "a slow-buming fuse of gender antagonism at work and in the home."
I had sometimes wondered about the dissonantly figurative paintings of bird-hunting on some rafters of Te Whai, ate Motu in the upper Ureweras, what was to become my 'home' marae away from home.