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TO DISSUADE, crim. law. To induce a person not to do an act.
     2. To dissuade a witness from giving evidence against a person indicted, is an indictable offence at common law. Hawk. B. 1, c. 2 1, s. 1 5. The mere attempt to stifle evidence, is also criminal, although the persuasion should not succeed, on the general principle that an incitement to commit a crime, is in itself criminal. 1 Russ. on Cr. 44; 6 East, R. 464; 2 East, R. 6, 21; 2 Str. 904; 2 Leach, 925. Vide To Persuade.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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While two thirds of companies reported no factor, 19% of companies said either the bank implied they would be unsuccessful or their previous experiences applying for finance dissuaded them.
Listeners might be deceived at first and think this is a Bridget Jones-esque title but will soon be dissuaded as the main character, Miranda Cotton, is propelled into a dark and nasty situation.
In other words, among one-third of today's consumers -- those who may be slightly dissuaded from buying a new wall or desk clock -- some may also be open to marketing messages emphasizing the value of "real" or regular stand-alone clocks, digital or otherwise, as an attractive component of home decor.
Seemingly he was dissuaded from doing so by "senior members" of his cabinet who wished him to stay.
Davis points out that although she had periodic setbacks Evans couldn't be dissuaded: front her goal of walking with crutches "We were concerned that her hopes would be destroyed, but Vircy's determination proved us wrong," says Davis.
It reasoned that students who seek to join the debate team, write for the student newspaper, play in the marching band, or participate in any other after school activities would be dissuaded from using drugs knowing that their urine would be tested.
Historically, CPAs have dissuaded estate planning clients from funding family limited partnerships with personal use property, such as a primary or secondary residence.
When they perceive that these two pieces are in place, couples seem far less likely to be dissuaded by the policies and procedures so many regard as a hassle.
Branch's 15 years of research, thousands of interviews, and behind-closed-doors accounts of these preeminent years of the movement result in an unparalleled chronicle that, while not strictly a biography of Martin Luther King Jr., amply demonstrates Branch's thesis that "King's life is the best and most important metaphor for American history in the watershed postwar years." Readers need not be dissuaded by the daunting scope or sterling academic credentials of this book; Branch is at heart a storyteller, and in his hands the drama of the times comes through in gripping fashion.
Further, no SNF should be dissuaded from pursuing an exemption where the denial was based solely upon the acquisition of CON operating rights from another facility (the situation in Milwaukee Subacute, South Shore Hospital, and Maryland General Hospital).
Officials dissuaded the Chinese from venturing out to watch the world's most spectacular drivers do battle north of Beijing after a series of road accidents involving Chinese motorists and rally vehicles.