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117) In this case, two different knowledges are juxtaposed as if there is no dissymmetry since the two different knowledges are translated.
ii) The shell dissymmetry D is strongly increasing with the growth-dissymmetry index [delta], less intuitively decreasing with the apical angle [alpha] and strictly independent of the differential-growth index [rho] and independent of the differential-growth index [rho].
In versions BS and BP, the training set dissymmetry lies in the determination of the primary city.
The results of time-distance parameters indicates that there was no lameness due to dissymmetry of affected and uninjured side limb on time-distance parameters after ACL injury, but comparing to the CON, the efficiency of walking is lower to some extent by decreased gait frequency and speed and prolonged gait circle that lead to complaint and unsteadiness of knee after injury.
The aspects of dissymmetry and asymmetry are often reduced to terrorist wars and the war against terrorism.
It takes as its starting-point Foucault's concept of the execution as a drama of state power, establishing 'the dissymmetry between the subject who has dared to violate the law and the all-powerful sovereign who displays his strength'.
For Borges himself, alms are different from other types of gift precisely insofar as they place an element of profound dissymmetry between the giving and the taking.
It has numerous adverse health implications including: abscesses, itching, discharge of milk, infection, dissymmetry of the breasts, cysts, breast infections, severe fever, tissue damage, cancer and even the complete disappearance of one or both breasts.
The notion that power within the family has a "despotic" quality that demarcates it from contractual political power and that reflects an underlying dissymmetry between the family and the state seems to make sense of the differences between Rousseau's political ideals and Saint-Preux's representation of Clarens.
Precisely because singularity resists incorporation into any particular account of universality, the cosmopolitanism Derrida has in mind is not identical with an equity reducible to right or law--equity becomes not the abstract, formal equality of liberal cosmopolitanism but, rather, the "equitable honouring" of faces," the faces of others whose uniqueness and irreparability (infinity, in Levinasian terms) cannot be thematized and between whom there is "absolute dissymmetry.
One way that CMC can create bearing current is analogous to the magnetic dissymmetry issue in line-fed motors.
That society is unequal, hierarchical, that it weighs disproportionably on some instead of others, that it has all the character of inertia, that domination breaks down bodies and souls, is one thing: to conclude that these hierarchies, dissymmetry, inertia, powers, cruelties are made of social stuff is a different argument all together.