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Dissymmetry of Functional Processes in Living Beings
Sweeting suggests that the disorder found in the fluorescenteuropate provides the local dissymmetry necessary for charge separation to occur when cracks appear.
2 Uneven Resource Distribution and Dissymmetry Industry Layout
Q30 Concept's design vision introduces dissymmetry to create a seductive alternative to young-minded premium customers unconstrained by convention
Note that the dissymmetry draws a fixed point in S as an upper loop.
The dissymmetry in the directional diagrams of opposite PDs was induced by errors in positioning.
Unfortunately, because of geometrical dissymmetry, SENT specimens exhibit flexion phenomenon, extent of which quickly increases when the material rigidity decreases.
157) From a scientific perspective, dissymmetry does not necessarily imply the absence of symmetry but, according to Curie, refers to a lower form of symmetry.
He draws on Foucauldian notions of dissymmetry and ambiguous spectacle to argue that an Elizabethan audience would have likely contained some skeptics.