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The first research question asked whether distance learning students at Washtenaw Community College took advantage of off-campus, remote access to library resources, such as the proprietary databases in order to complete their assignments.
Faculty fears related to distance learning itemized by Berge & Muilenburg (2000) included:
Dual-credit distance learning courses for the 2004-05 first semester include driver's education, general psychology, Spanish I and II, English composition I, college algebra, calculus, economics, college English and world regional geography.
A codec (short for compressors/decompressors) can also play a key role in a distance learning presentation system.
Results of the survey support the conclusion that there is a need for, as well as a willingness to pursue, distance learning within the security assistance community.
Leavitt's interest in online and distance learning was strong.
Through distance learning, organizations can provide a much broader selection of course topics," Anderson says.
Based on our results, it appears that distance learning can be a viable option for delivering training to current and future supported employment professionals.
Some readers already may have decided the distance learning program they want to implement.
We are proud that Lehigh University, with the help of Logic Innovations, was the first to deploy an IPTV delivery system of this type for the use of satellite distance learning.
Formal distance learning has been a part of education for more than a century, and the preponderance of research is supportive.

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