distantly related

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He had been taken to that town by some good persons distantly related to his dead father, and by them adopted and tenderly cared for.
Edwards, because—because—perhaps he is only very, very distantly related to John Mohegan?
He is already of the rank of a counsellor, Pyotr Petrovitch Luzhin, and is distantly related to Marfa Petrovna, who has been very active in bringing the match about.
To be sure I am distantly related to the Rochesters by the mother's side, or at least my husband was; he was a clergyman, incumbent of Hay--that little village yonder on the hill--and that church near the gates was his.
Bottlenose and Guyana dolphins, two distantly related species, often come together to socialise in waters off the coast of Costa Rica.
Moreover, data gathered these past 2 years in Panama indicate that in some cases, distantly related bats have evolved very similar signals because they forage for the same types of foods in similar habitats.
The two Kapoors (they are distantly related members of the Kapoor acting dynasty) are in the UAE this week to film a portion of Ki and Ka, a romantic comedy about a couple exploring gender roles in an Indian marriage.
Distantly related to Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Carter.
The new study combined data from living and fossil species, which revealed mosasaurs to be close relatives of snakes, and only distantly related to monitor lizards and species at the base of the tree.
UNTIL DNA evidence proves otherwise I'm betting Mark Jenkins from The Hotel (C4, Sun) is distantly related to Basil Fawlty and Curb Your Enthusiasm's Larry David.
He is distantly related to Oscar-winning actress Greer Garson.
The hat is part of a Napoleonic collection belonging to Monaco's royal family, which is distantly related to him.