distantly related

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He had been taken to that town by some good persons distantly related to his dead father, and by them adopted and tenderly cared for.
Edwards, because—because—perhaps he is only very, very distantly related to John Mohegan?
She is only distantly related to the Montbarrys--she is only our cousin.
He is already of the rank of a counsellor, Pyotr Petrovitch Luzhin, and is distantly related to Marfa Petrovna, who has been very active in bringing the match about.
To be sure I am distantly related to the Rochesters by the mother's side, or at least my husband was; he was a clergyman, incumbent of Hay--that little village yonder on the hill--and that church near the gates was his.
Based on their anatomy and other traits (excluding venom), the two were thought to be only distantly related, since they resembled other spider species that were known to be evolutionarily distant.
Meanwhile, research by genealogists has shown Ms Markle is distantly related to Churchill and Shakespeare.
I am distantly related to the playwright Tennessee Williams.
9m four year NIH grant, Dr Lai will develop a broadly neutralizing antibody therapy for Ebola and extend that strategy to Marburg virus, a deadly filovirus that is distantly related to Ebola.
Confusion often arises because the name daddy-long-legs is also applied to two distantly related bugs: the harvestmen (which are arachnids but not spiders) and cellar spiders, which have a potent venom but whose fangs are too short to pierce human skin.
It's supposed to be humane, but many believe the pain they suffer is significantly more than instantaneous for these sentient mammals, not too distantly related to us 'humans.
Cross Moceri and Peter Cipriano, founders of the company known today as Better Made Snack Foods, were distantly related immigrants from Sicily who settled in Detroit.