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Philip was now more comfortable, for space was so limited that there were only studies for boys in the upper school, and till then he had lived in the great hall in which they all ate and in which the lower forms did preparation in a promiscuity which was vaguely distasteful to him.
Another said: "I found the Stephen Hawking jokes extremely distasteful.
Certain distasteful statements have been posted in our Facebook page that in no way reflect NAPC's views or values.
Ian, 39, said: "I just thought it was really distasteful.
Opening the case on behalf of the force, Alison Hewitt, said: "All three of these comments were ill-judged, distasteful and inappropriate to set the proper tone and seriousness of the course.
Mr Senior is alleged to have made a number of distasteful and sexual comments, some of which were in front of patients.
I get that what she said was distasteful but you don't f*cking call out a girl on her comment bc now look she had to cancel her account because of you.
Placed in a front, residential garden is unrespectful, distasteful and not forgetting the fact that houses in the nearby area would have lost kerb appeal and surely PS10,000 or more on the sale price.
It's distasteful and only respond to the STEVE A further three pictures with different clubbers posing alongside the man were posted on the Facebook page from the club night.
The story is completely untrue and is a very distasteful hoax," the McLaren driver's spokesman said.
THE company behind a proposed rubbish incinerator branded the actions of environmental activists distasteful as they geared up for the largest protest of their campaign.
A defence source said: "The depiction, fictional or otherwise, of a member of the Armed Forces being taken hostage and mistreated is deeply distasteful.