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Hilbery had found something distasteful to her in that period, and had preferred to dwell upon her own recollections as a child.
David watched my preparations with distasteful levity, but anon made a noble amend by abruptly offering me his foot as if he had no longer use for it, and I knew by intuition that he expected me to take off his boots.
It is true that, at times, it needed all his strength of mind to keep his thoughts from wandering back into that unprofitable and most distasteful past - in the middle of the night even, he had woke up suddenly with an old man's cry in his ears - or was it the whispering of the night-wind in the tall elms?
Martin did not know it, but he did know that it was not distasteful to her.
I am charged to tell you--" He stopped, as if the message which he was instructed to deliver was in the last degree distasteful to him.
Of one thing I am distinctly conscious: the man's presence at my side was strangely distasteful and disquieting--so much so that when I at last pulled up under the lights of the Putnam House I experienced a sense of having escaped some spiritual peril of a nature peculiarly forbidding.
Horner and Smoke had been displaying a gallantry toward Maud Brewster, ludicrous in itself and inoffensive to her, but to him evidently distasteful.
Kitty felt how distasteful her father's warmth was to Levin after what had happened.
A fat angel," she answered, "or something equally distasteful.
My lady's unaccountable objection to the Sergeant seemed to make our conference more distasteful to her than ever, as soon as we were left alone again.
He entered his club to play from five to seven, before going home to dinner, forgetting for those two hours whatever was distasteful in his life, as though the game were a beneficent drug for allaying the pangs of moral discontent.
It was distasteful, very distasteful to be in a crowd, but he walked just where he saw most people.