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Somehow out of the so-called "Western canon" her "hysterical rhetoric" might well be coercive and distastefully "sincere" and "sensationalist" (Bloom 1989: 1-4).
The dialogue is stilted, the tone didactic, and content is too often distastefully self-referential and self-promoting.
The crude language displays a distastefully cavalier attitude to the hundreds of thousands of lives that would be lost on Blair's desire for a "gung-ho" approach to Saddam.
Oi loikes the purdy loits oi does," they would mutter as the newly-built Metro bridge would frown distastefully like the new owner of a trendy townhouse who opens his curtains to find his new neighbours have cars and fridges in their garden, and more satellite dishes than the international space station.
I am distastefully attentive to the smell of cattle crammed into the metal cages on the semi-trailers passing by; to the dust which has clogged my nose and caused it to bleed, and to the concern for my car tyres on the rocky, uneven surface over the next 21 kilometres to the family's house.
This magazine that released the caricatures is known to be a satirical magazine and they distastefully took advantage of the current political climate to sell magazines," he said.
The video posted on YouTube sparked a series of outrage and violent protest across the Muslim world, after the film insulted the Prophet Muhammad and depicted him distastefully.
Nine essays grace the fourth and final volume celebrating the centennial of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, which was founded in 1909 to keep up with Protestant scholarship and to counter the scholarship coming out of such institutions as the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem, which the Vatican found distastefully avant-garde.
When I finished the story he looked at me distastefully and said, "It's not funny.
Indian luxury industry is driven by shoes and accessories of luxury brands and often, when I walk into the stores on routine visits I some time see good merchandise displayed quite distastefully.
and included African-Americans from the Deep South, New York "Bowery bums, in greasy serge and battered derbies, toying distastefully with pick-handles that shredded their dirty calloused palms.