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The inking behavior of Aplysia dactylomela (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia): evidence for distastefulness.
Like every good map of utopia, the eutopian is balanced by a dystopian paradigm, which, in its utter distastefulness, serves as the ideal foil for its desirable counterpart.
The inappropriateness, distastefulness and irreverence of play paradoxically liberate horrific memories and wounds of Bloody Sunday; whereas, Declan Hughes in Twenty Grand breaches one of the significant codes of Irish comic drama, that of death and resurrection, where the pretence of death is nearly always one of the dominant tropes in operation.
Similarly, those who dislike a private good may largely insulate themselves from its distastefulness simply by refusing to consume it.
In addition to the aesthetic and moral distastefulness of state-mediated murder, there are the pragmatic arguments relating to the failure of the death penalty as a just and effective method of preventing violent crimes.
It may well be that the Spanish literary establishment incorporated Castro's late poetry into a more general aesthetics of end-of-century' malaise' because of its inability to cope with the distastefulness of a woman writing about her own death from cancer.
Many functions have been proposed for this secretion, such as camouflage, alarm signal, pheromone, aposematism (use of color patterns by prey animals to signal their distastefulness to predators), bile excretion, predator deterrent, and cue of danger (Johnson & Willows 1999).
Now, conversations about self-injury are appearing at the dinner table, despite its remaining distastefulness.
All the world delights in beauty, wherein we find both the familiar that avoids sameness and the diversity that avoids distastefulness.
Paulson clearly acknowledged the distastefulness of his remarks and took full responsibility for having made them.
Maybe I dodged a judgment on the death penalty because so clearly there were two sides--the distastefulness of state-imposed killings vs.
Such a warning may mitigate the distastefulness of informing.