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Question: I recently adopted a puppy and my friend warned me about canine distemper.
For shelter hepatitis, parvo or distemper outbreaks, VacciCheck rapidly and cheaply tests populations that are susceptible to or protected from these diseases.
The parvovirus vaccination can be administered along with distemper.
This canine distemper outbreak poses a threat to monkey populations.
Canine distemper is the biggest single threat to dogs in this country.
In 1994, just before the distemper outbreak, there were an estimated three thousand lions in the Serengeti.
The competitions are designed to investigate problems that Scheiner says "had fallen between the cracks" of previous NIH and NSF efforts--current winners are investigating issues such as bat-transmitted diseases in Malaysia and canine distemper in dogs, lions, and other mammals in East Africa's Serengeti region.
Distemper, a hideously slow death marked by seizures and swelling of the brain membranes, is common in dogs.
Serological evidence against role for canine distemper virus in pathogenesis of Paget's disease of bone [letter].
The second, United States Patent 5,807,840 titled, "A Method for Treating Canine Distemper," represents a new approach to the treatment of animal viral infections such as canine distemper.
They included measles, polio, and canine distemper viruses -- but none have remained on the hot list after careful statistical analyses.
Which animals are under threat from a phocine distemper virus which has just reappeared in Britain?