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2] to distend the abdomen, but that does not necessarily determine an adequate peritoneum.
Large quantities of food distend the stomach, causing an uncomfortable feeling, and sometimes the contractions of the stomach can propel food upwards into the gullet or oesophagus, where the acid causes a typical burning pain behind the breastbone.
However liquids should be consumed slowly as drinking too much too quickly could distend the stomach and worsen the nausea.
A fine needle, followed by a wire with a pre-loaded balloon was gently pushed into the left atrium and through the atrial septum to deflate the high pressures causing the atrium to distend with the blocked blood flow.
Gentle exfoliating will help shift dead cells and deb ris that block and distend pores.
The experienced specialist was asked to distend the child's stomach, but
Also, the fact that the joint capsule does not distend freely creates high intra-articular pressure and favors the dissemination of infection through the lymphatics and into adjacent tissue.
In women with polycystic ovary syndrome, immature eggs distend the ovaries, leading to infertility.
Whitton read: "It is possible that intelligent tadpoles reconcile themselves to the inconvenience of their position that, though most of them will live and die as tadpoles and nothing more, the more fortunate of the species will one day shed their tails, distend their mouths and stomach, hop nimbly on to dry land and croak addresses to their former friends on the virtues by means of which tadpoles of character and capacity rise to be frogs.