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Keeping distending pressure minimum (Usually between 45-80 mmHg).
Key words Apoptosis--Campylobacter jejuni--cell cycle arrest--cytolethal distending toxin--epithelial cell line
For those with tumors larger than 10 cm or multiple tumors, there was some sweating, local distending and fever, but no significant changes of liver function.
We postulate that the vigorous mask ventilation using the AMBU bag caused excessive air to enter his stomach, distending it, and causing an air leak through his gastric ulcer.
While Wonham reminds us that Chesnutt chaffed against the liabilities of dialect fiction and sought to escape the subgenre, dialect stories receive most of Wonham's critical and celebratory energies, potentially distending further what he calls the "awkward shape" of Chesnutt's career, especially for the less initiated reader who might not know about the dozens of non-dialect stories not considered in the volume.
More important, by distending established legal authority, the IRS is seemingly making improper use of a revenue procedure to expand the definition of a method of accounting.
I saw the film at the London premiere and, my God, my lips are like the lips of a horse distending independently away from my face and trying to encompass the lower half of hers, and so I apologise, Bonnie," Contactmusic quoted Radcliffe as saying.
For those who are unable to get off their whingeing backsides, I would suggest that they throw away their writing pads and take up some worthwhile pastimes: such as embroidery or nostril distending.