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The best method to estimate the distensibility and stiffness of the aorta and large arteries is PWV, because PWV is directly related to the stiffness of the large arteries.
Reduction of lung distensibility in acromegaly after suppression of growth hormone hypersecretion.
CKD: Chronic kidney disease; eGFR: estimated glomerular filtration rate, IMT: intima-media thickness; DC: distensibility coefficient; CC: compliance coefficient; and PWV: pulse wave velocity.
Outpatient colonoscopy was unsuccessful due to poor distensibility of the sigmoid colon (despite administration of glucagon to distend the colon).
Familial hyperhomocysteinaemia and endothelium-dependent vasodilation and arterial distensibility of large arteries.
The main way of the treatment of HD is surgery, consisting at the resection of aganglionosis zone and partial removal of the changed site of the colon in a zone of prestenotic distensibility. [46] Despite the many different methods of surgical treatment and a significant improvement of results of surgical interventions, the rate of complications based on as large specialized hospitals and clinics with experience treating children with the HD, ranging from 22.7% to 38.5%.
Arterial elastic properties can be noninvasively measured by PWV or conventional measurements, such as distensibility, compliance, [sz] stiffness index, or elastic modulus.
(2) Unlike rectum and sigmoid where the wall is thin and distensibility is low, the small bowel is thick walled and well distensible.
The aging process modifies the distensibility of elastic but not muscular arteries.
With the systolic and diastolic blood pressure values of the patients inputted to the ultrasound unit, the distensibility (compliance) and stiffness of the artery were automatically evaluated by the ultrasound system.
In the present study, we evaluated whether the stiffness and distensibility of the abdominal aorta was altered in children with bicuspid aortic valve by using transthoracic echocardiography.
Changes in sizes and distensibility of the aging kidney.