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Certainly, more complicated problems can be formulated for the pulsadle flow through the distensible tube as well as for the long-range transport of water and dissolved components including both hydrodynamic and osmotic factors.
In patients with the hemoglobin SS genotype, ASSC is a pediatric disease: functional asplenia results from recurrent splenic infarctions in childhood, and by adulthood, there is little distensible splenic tissue remaining.
It has a distensible ventral mouth and feeds on the lake bottom.
Perhaps vaginal delivery is actually a marker for women who will go on to develop pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence because their tissues are more distensible.
No matter how many parties Perry threw, he couldn't get over one of nature's marvels, the sights and sounds of lawmakers at the trough, storing up complex carbohydrates for the winter in their woodchuck cheeks and distensible pelican throats.
Ehlers-Danlos type 1V results from a deficiency of type III collagen, which constitutes the major component of distensible tissues such as arteries and veins.
Animals that transport small nuts (beechnuts, some acorns, hazelnuts) often have specialized structures (cheek pouches, sublingual pouches, or distensible esophagus) in which to carry several items (Bock et al.
The womb, the shape and size of a small upside-down pear, has been regarded primarily as an incubator, a muscular and distensible baby sac that can become, in the words of one gynecologist, a ``nuisance'' after childbearing.