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Moderate scars that are distensible, like level 3 scars, generally need lifting.
Tankersley concluded that leptin treatment restored the composition of the myosin to normal levels and that this change allowed the diaphragm of the obese treated mice to be more distensible and resist muscle fatigue.
Fluid transport through flexible tubes by means of progressive wave of area contraction or expansion, which propagates along the length of the distensible tube, has been the subject of scientific and engineering research since the first investigation of Latham (1966).
The transport of fluids by means of a progressive wave of area contraction or expansion along the walls of a distensible duct containing liquid or mixture in both the mechanical and physiological situations, has been the subject or engineering and scientific research for over four decades since the first investigation of Latham (1966).
The Anaconda device is a distensible rubber tube anchored to the seabed which floats just beneath the surface of the sea and is squeezed by passing ocean waves.
Large increases in RV volume work can be accommodated with relatively little increase in RV wall tension, as the thin-walled RV is much more distensible than the LV.
Some generalizations of the law have been proposed for the fluid flow in the distensible tubes [14], which is important for the realistic arterial systems, and for the flow of a non-Newtonian liquid with [mu] ~ [d.
This indicates that, although less distensible than those from the control animals, the trunks from the chronically hypoxic rats maintain a greater degree of elasticity than do the main arteries.
Increase in PWV in the CHD patients group was to be expected since the arteries become less distensible due to structural changes that take place with age.
El embrion* recien formado se desplaza por la trompa hasta el utero, que es un saco distensible donde crecera hasta hacerse feto*.
Compliance curves during peritoneal dialysate infusion are like a distensible tube and are similar at multiple UGI sites.