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The patient's continued pyelum distension of the left kidney (as seen in the ultrasonography abdominal image), and delayed contrast detection in the IVU, may be the result of long-term illness.
Older resectoscopes - loop-electrode resectoscopes --were designed for monopolar electrosurgery, which requires the use of nonconductive, electrolyte-free solutions for uterine distension.
Distension for MR luminography is achieved by administering at least 1 liter of water-based contrast by mouth 20 min to 30 min prior to the examination.
Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital of the University of California Davis (Davis, CA, USA) for evaluation of an abnormal ventral intermandibular distension causing difficulties with prehension and deglutition of food and water.
At week two the patient stated that he had marked improvement in gastrointestinal symptoms, with reduced flatulence, better-formed stools, and less abdominal distension.
Epigastric pain owing to distension of the duodeno-jejunal loop dominates clinically.
On the present admission, examination revealed blood pressure of 110/60 mmHg, pulse of 88 bpm, fine crackles in the bilateral lower lobes and jugular venous distension.
There is also a subset of women who develop bloating and abdominal distension after eating a meal, particularly one high in carbs.
5,6) Likewise, distension of the oral cavity during CT has been shown to facilitate the detection of small tumors and to provide information on their extent.
A 77-year-old woman was admitted to our outpatient department complaining of abdominal bloating and distension in the preceding 3 months.
METHODS: In a first pilot study, sensorial assessments and measures of the skin distension under suction were performed in eight volunteers.