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Recurrence of bowel distention following ileocolostomy for repair of IA should always raise suspicion for another more distal obstructive problem.
Conversely, our patient had at least 15 years of gradually increasing abdominal distention.
Other components of the physical exam include assessing for jugular venous distention, determining the point of maximum impulse, evaluating the hepatojugular reflex, ascertaining liver size, and inspecting for pedal edema.
Rectal contrast is extremely useful in evaluation of appendicitis as caecal distention is a prerequisite for some of the radiological signs discussed below.
Visceral distention of the rectum was then performed using a computer-driven pump and rectal balloon.
Less common causes are massive abdominal distention and digital stimulation.
Abdominal distention is no longer considered a diagnostic criterion.
Each meal should also be of reasonable size as large meals might cause stomach distention aggravating the problem even more.
This is to alert the resuscitation team to the possibility of inadvertent entry of air or gas into the peritoneal space under positive pressure, causing abdominal distention.
However, he developed an acute abdomen associated with abdominal distention and died within 2 weeks.
Mild temporal wasting, absence of oral thrush, poor dentition, positive jugular venous distention, bilateral crackles in the lungs, a decrescendo diastolic murmur in the left sternal border, "water hammer" pulses, and clubbing of the digits were found.
During a uniaxial tensile elongation, these thermoplastic polymers undergo an irreversible deformation (commonly referred to as the yield point) and thus do not retract essentially their original dimensions on removal of the force of distention.