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Out of 100 children, 70 were cases with diarrhoea, vomiting abdominal distention, perianal excoriation and 30 were age and sex matched control that did not have diarrhoea.
Four different regimens were used for intraoperative ureteral evaluation: 1) oral phenazopyridine 200 mg, 2) intravenous sodium fluorescein 25 mg, 3) mannitol bladder distention, and 4) normal saline bladder distention.
Patients who experienced Deqi have had a placebo effect from the sensation of "numbness, soreness and distention.
In this study, hydrodistention at a pressure of 80 cm was performed with a distention time dichotomized into 2 and >5 min in patients with suitable indications.
Conclusion: Giant hydronephrosis may be detected at an advanced age with nonspecific complaints such as wasting distention and fank pain.
Physical examination revealed a regular heart rate at 100 beats/ min, a blood pressure of 111/53 mmHg, a respiratory rate of 19 breaths/min, slight jugular venous distention suggesting a right atrial mean pressure of 8-10 cm of blood, crackles at both lung bases (L>R), a soft systolic murmur in the 2nd left intercostal space at the sternal edge, 1+/4+ pretibial edema bilaterally, and slight abdominal distention.
Located in areas with very strong retail and residential distention.
All demographic data of the patients which were studied includes age and gender, anthropometric data such as weight, height, and gastrointestinal symptoms in b-thalassemia major patients common with celiac disease such as diarrhoea, growth failure, recurrent abdominal pain, abdominal distention, finger clubbing and edema.
The surgical team should work with their facility to assure safe removal and containment of the fluids that are used as irrigation or fluid distention media in MIS procedures such as arthroscopy, hysteroscopy and ureteroscopy," Burlingame said.
One of the most common clinical features presented with patients was abdominal distention (88%) [Table 1].