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But if refiners cut crude processing to limit the build up of distillate and other non-gasoline stocks, they risk not producing enough gasoline to meet drivers' needs.
Opportunities to move distillates to Europe have been supported over the past month by a widening spread between the gasoil contracts underpinning the pricing of distillates in the markets East and West of Suez.
Since the majority of the Saudi refinery capacity was built before 1990, such assets are older and less advanced and therefore produce a large proportion of lower value heavy distillates (such as fuel oil) comparative to other regions.
Hydrotreating of this diesel distillate started after presulfiding of the catalyst, and the activity of the catalyst was stabilized by feeding the reactant diesel distillate for about 5 h in the reaction conditions.
The information sent in to the Agency by the European Confederation of Spirits Producers (CEPS) concerns the addition of nuts or nut oils to an alcohol distillation process where they act as natural flavouring agents to the final alcoholic distillate produced.
CTT said the distillate fuel conditioner product "addresses multiple tasks commonly associated with treatment of distillate fuels, e.
It was believed that the distilling process would 'cleanse' any immunities because even rotten fruit yield a clear distillate.
Demand for natural gas and distillate fuel oil (including heating oil), both used for space heating, rose sharply.
Natural gas and distillate fuel oil [1] prices can rise rapidly during winter peak-demand months especially when stocks are low and demand increases quickly.
The plant will use Sasol's "proprietary and commercially proven Slurry Phase Distillate process (SPDP) to produce 20,000 b/d of naphtha and distillates in two 10,000 b/d trains, requiring 200 MCF/d of gas to be supplied by QGPC.
Thus, when a phenolic urethane coldbox binder collapses readily and most of the core sand ends up in the green sand system, it produces a distillate that can be chemically harmful, and the lustrous carbon formed can leave a residual layer that hinders rebonding.
About five percent of the estimated 2,300 possible petroleum distillate cases resulted in hospitalizations.