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The spirits portfolio created by Ted Pappas and lead distiller Travis Schoney, formerly of High West Distilling of Park City, Utah, has won, and continues to win, awards for such specialty finished whiskeys as the Barlow Trail Port Cask Finished Whiskey.
Some small distillers lean hard on the term as a way to emphasize their farm-to-table bona fides and stand out in a crowded market.
WARRINGTON'S G&J Distillers is in regal company after its Greenall's Sloe Gin was selected for Britain's biggest cruise ship, Britannia.
Dukang Distillers has annual production capacity of 7,500 tons of grain alcohol and 90,000 tons of wine labeled as Dukang Baijiu, as well as an annual production capacity of 2,890 tons of grain alcohol and 39,790 tons of wine labeled as Siwu Baijiu.
Distiller avoids applying Lacan anachronistically, but argues that Lacanian psychoanalysis focuses on the 'construction of .
Inver House Distillers is relaunching its Balblair Malt Whisky as a vintage range.
Without peat to fuel the malt-drying fires prior to fermentation, master distillers attempted to approximate that characteristic smokiness by aging their "white-dog" (clear, unaged whiskey) in new, white oak barrels whose insides had been charred.
THE flavour of a 160-year-old bottle of whisky, believed to be the oldest in existence, has been successfully reproduced, claim distillers.
for winning the ''best-of-the-best'' whisky award last year, presenting a commemorative bottle to the Japanese distiller in a ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland on Monday.
When untreated water is heated in a solar distiller, pure water vaporizes first, leaving contaminants behind.
Father Michael Holleran, a former distiller of the Chartreuse Liqueurs, says Roccasalvo's work "raises deeper questions so spontaneously, simply, and honestly that they not only blend with, but actually advance, the taut narrative without a beat being lost.