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In addition each member will have their name displayed on the Lagg 'Wall of Fame' and receive an invite to the Lagg Cask Society Members Day for a first-look of the distillery and visitor centre before its official opening in spring 2019.
Lakes Distillery has also been named as having the world's best facilities for the third year running at the Spirits Business Magazine's Global Distillery Awards, and is also a top-10 Lake District tourist site.
Distillery manager Stephen Burden said their aim is to get the ball down and play football and the win was a bonus.
Under the terms of the deal, House Spirits Distillery will continue to produce the brand at its flagship distillery in Portland, Oregon, ensuring the same integrity and quality that make Aviation the highest-rated gin in the world.
Summit Distillery was still registered as a business earlier this year, though at 110 Madison St.
We are grateful for the consumers who continue to choose our products and have made our distillery such a great hit.
The distillery will in addition make seasonal spirits that will be obtainable at limited times all through the year.
The product became available for sale at the distillery on June 7 for $75 a 375-ml.
No more whisky was produced at the distillery before it went bankrupt and was finally liquidated in 1910.
The Cotswolds Distillery is just over a year old, having been established in September 2014.
Jacques Wadler and Vincent Lopez of KDA represented the sub-tenant, Kings County Distillery, while Denham Wolf's Lauren Davis and Stephen Powers represented Doe Fund, the property's master tenant, which is a nonprofit that helps formerly homeless adults achieve independence.
Shipping raw materials and Alaska state excise taxes are two things that make it harder to produce alcohol in Alaska, says Heather Shade, owner of Port Chilkoot Distillery and president of the Distiller's Guild of Alaska.