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The demand includes 137,800 individuals to reserve 12,700 plots of social housing and 54,600 individuals to reserve 7,373 distinctive pieces and 8,558 individuals to compete for 3,930 pieces of the most distinctive lands.
Whether it's for an engagement ring, wedding bands, or other forms of diamond jewelry, Distinctive Diamonds helps buyers to plenty of savings by revealing trade industry secrets.
In its ruling, the Court of Justice points out that the distinctive character of the trade mark applied for must be assessed, first, by reference to the goods or services for which registration is sought and, second, by reference to the perception of the relevant public.
Steven rented a small part of a bigger building in Honley and consulted a web company to develop a Distinctive Chesterfields website.
A police spokeswoman said: "The shirt is obviously the most distinctive and recognisable item taken during the burglary and we would ask Warriors fans to be aware that it may appear for sale at some point.
The Morris Companies completely renovated the property in 1988 and converted it into an award-winning apartment complex that retained much of its historic character and architecturally distinctive features.
Like the 37-cent Purple Heart stamp first issued on May 30, 2003, the new stamp has the medal's distinctive image.
In short, the distinctive Deaf culture that contemporary social scientists have able to document appears--at the moment--to be unreachable by historians.
It is going to be a case of being distinctive or of being irrelevant.
Rajaram (1996) proposed a distinctiveness-fluency framework in which she theorized that manipulations that encourage distinctive or elaborate processing would lead to the elicitation of 'remember' responses.
This year, their classes will brainstorm to come up with the most distinctive sound representing their geographical area.
Spitzer, both of the University of California, San Diego, first measured distinctive patterns of electrical activity in each of four types of embryonic neurons in the spinal cords of frogs.

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