distinctive feature

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the distinctive feature DF1 will be machined by a succession of only MP1 and MP2 machining sequences).
And it has integrated them into agricultural systems and made them once again a distinctive feature of the midwestern landscape.
The most distinctive feature of Hermits Rest is its massive cavern of a fireplace, whose stone dome rises two stories.
But Cancer Research UK researchers disguised a distinctive feature of the enzyme with a "molecular tag", to enable it to repeatedly elude the immune system.
He continues to touch upon the cleaner's versatility, as cutaway shots show the cleaner picking up wet messes and dry debris, as well as the unit's distinctive feature -- its detachable blower.
Above all, there is less discussion than one might expect of the Hudson Valley's manorial system which, especially east of the river, was arguably its most distinctive feature.
A combination of high production speed and sturdiness is said to be the distinctive feature of HMG machines.
Mueller concludes that the distinctive feature of Venice's money markets was that the state took a strong role in creating what became an exceptionally trustworthy set of market institutions.
The Eldorado, which is a distinctive feature on the Central Park skyline because of its elegant twin-towers, is a sister to the similarly designed Roth building, the San Remo, located fifteen blocks south.
His most distinctive feature is a green and black tattoo that extends from his left inside bicep to his forearm.
This is the first time the two top toys shares the same distinctive feature," says Ed Oberhaus, senior vice president of Kaneka America, maker of the doll fiber.
A distinctive feature of Renaissance Dental is its Renaissance Value Card(SM), which provides customers with vision, pharmacy and hearing discounts.