distinctive quality

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His other distinctive quality is the tone of somewhat artificial courtliness which was soon to mark the lyrics of the other poets of the Cavalier party.
We are looking to the appointed Architect to develop a design that integrates previously unused historic spaces into the museum, achieving a sensitive, contemporary intervention into our building that retains the distinctive quality of the architecture.
A GI tag identifies a product as originating from a certain location and assures its distinctive quality.
They have a distinctive quality of staying cool in hot weather and warm in the winter.
A-Map is firmly committed to help customers grow their businesses with new products, distinctive quality control practices, warranty management systems and advantages that would allow them to save time, money and effort.
Starwood's food and beverage portfolio grows stronger every day, and I look forward to working together with the Food & Beverage team furthering the distinctive quality and innovation of Starwood's offerings throughout its global properties.
Specifically, Huntington received national awards of excellence in small-business banking for distinctive quality in 'Personal Banking Satisfaction,' 'Treasury Management Overall Satisfaction' and 'Likelihood to Recommend.
Eye-catching, distinctive quality is achieved with HP Indigo's high resolution printing and perfect registration, which matches up to 97% of the PANTONE color gamut.
Her distinctive quality lies in blurring the boundaries between the written and the improvised.
Fareed Bin Yakoob Al Moftah, saying that the continuation of the competition for the seventeenth year in a row is just one of indicators of the wise leadership's interest provided to the Holy Quran, including memorization, recitation, interpretation and application, and the keenness to adopt a distinctive quality of readers and reciters of the Holy Quran.
Baxters Food Group, the UK's No 1 premium food brand, is reviving its range of preserves which it first launched in 1868, with a new distinctive quality look, in a bid to drive new consumers into the category.
AHK produced distinctive quality joinery, furniture and upholstered production for the rooms, public areas and restaurants all manufactured in its 15,000-sq-m closed area factory in Antalya Turkey, using state-of-the-art equipment, while the artworks were delicately hand carved.