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Orange Crushed finds Nikki, not very long at all after these prior adventures, on Princeton's distinctively picturesque New Jersey campus just before the Christmas holidays for an academic conference and a visit with her brother, a Princeton graduate student in African American studies.
The look is not only distinctively Cadillac but distinctively American as well.
But, aided by new technology, police departments are turning to another source of distinctively patterned skin: the palm.
Two distinctively different vacation options, one very diverse vacation destination--Orlando.
A standout example, he says, is Renault, because its vehicles are distinctively Renault (and French).
In today's environment hotels are not doing very well and the Roosevelt is distinctively a second-rate hotel," said Lawrence Fiedler, president of JRM Development Enterprises.
By incorporating and redacting these psalms the Chronicler has given them a n ew setting and a distinctively different meaning.
bishops' recent call to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the 1990 Vatican document that instructs Catholic Universities to reassert their distinctively Catholic identity.
5 million company that sells juices and sauces made from hibiscus flowers, have relied on each other's professional skills and formed an alliance to complement and grow their distinctively separate businesses (see our special report, "Gaining the Competitive Edge," this issue).
At the same time he sees Guicciardini's memorandum as "a point of departure for a distinctively modern understanding of politics" (1) -- "a new departure" that rejects, not classical republicanism, "but the world of medieval social, political, and juridical norms," and thus a movement not "from republicanism toward the reason of state, but .
These assumptions, she said, are not only elitist; they are profoundly sexist, for they reflect a distinctively masculine view of how people think and feel, a masculine conception of ideas and reason.
Indeed, there are distinctively queer voices within the church, and two recent books go far in showing the creativity now energizing queers within Christianity.