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The most basic strategy to insure distinctiveness in your marketing message is to determine and then stick to a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) -- a niche, if you will--for your own particular brand of camp experience.
The current study explored the interplay between masculinity and distinctiveness (used here as the opposite of averageness) and their combined effects on judgments of male facial attractiveness.
The project is one of a number being carried out as part of the LODIS project which aims to emphasise the distinctiveness of Chester.
An applicant bears the burden of establishing acquired distinctiveness, and that burden increases with the level of descriptiveness: a more descriptive trademark requires more evidence of secondary meaning.
ACS eventually won approval based on its amended application, which claimed that its mark had acquired distinctiveness through "substantially exclusive and continuous use" for at least the immediately preceding five years.
By stipulating local stone Kirklees Council is ensuring a much reduced carbon footprint as well as reinforcing the distinctiveness of the town.
One of the most compelling explanations for the OCB-performance rating relationship is the theory of OCB distinctiveness (DeNisi, Cafferty, & Meglino, 1984; Ilies, Nahrgang, & Morgeson, 2007; Organ et al.
More specifically we investigated whether such ingroup distinctiveness motive moderates the link between endorsement of egalitarian values and positive attitudes towards homosexuality.
Despite this requirement of distinctiveness and the absence in the definition of specifically dealing with single colours (or even a combination of colours), the definition of a trademark has proven to be sufficiently wide to allow for the interpretation that a single colour can in fact function as a trademark in the UAE.
Using the upper echelon perspective and imprinting arguments as key theoretical lenses, this paper examines how characteristics of new venture core teams influence internal consistency and distinctiveness of human resources (HR) values at the early-growth stage of the firm.
To this end I--EURm leading a series of studies within Cadw to try to understand urban character and capture local distinctiveness by identifying the ways history makes each place unique.
But how does Muscat capture and maintain a particular distinctiveness and identity that makes it stand out from the crowd