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5 Paraclypei equal to clypeus; 2nd antennae distinctly longer than 3rd; parameral blade apically bilobed, inner spine of blade of paramere less prominent with indistinct ridge .
Among those to scoop a highly-coveted Best Taste award was festival newcomer Taylors of Darlington, with a Distinctly Delicious Sausage, made especially for the event, to a secret recipe.
The Distinctly Delicious Street Food, which features fare from across the North, will also be returning alongside a producers' market and demonstrations from chefs from leading venues, including roc kcliffe Hall at Hurworth-on-Tees and Houndgate Townhouse in Darlington.
The fine is related only to vehicles which were not distinctly labeled.
The genus is characterized by the strongly vertical head with the anterior third or so projected upwards and weakly to distinctly deflexed over anterior pronotal margin.
Key to species of Megalotheca, based on males 1 Hind edge of pronotal lateral lobe distinctly oblique (Figs 11, 14, 15).
1 cm in diameter, dark purple, completely covered by white trichomes; scape bracts the basal ones subfoliaceous, the upper ones narrowly lanceolate, apex acuminate-spinescent, pungent, distinctly exceeding the internodes, densely white-lepidote at apex, red, suberect-ascending and not imbricate, subtending the inflorescence, strongly channeled, 5-11 x 2.
Distinctly Game can gain revenge on a couple of old adversaries as he turns out again at Kempton.
REVENGE MISSION: Kevin Ryan sends Distinctly Game out to put one over on his rivals at Kempton tomorrow
As the Indiana Business Review continues its eighty-second year of continuous publication, economists from distinctly different parts of the country bring us two distinctly different slices of our economic world.
Some years ago, I wrote about how the shoulder bag that most women were now wearing caused their bodies to tilt in a way that made their walk distinctly less sexy.