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2) By 'clear and distinct truths' (or propositions), I mean those capable of being clearly and distinctly perceived--it being perception, not propositions, that are the fundamental bearers of clarity and distinctness.
The distinctness of the groups was indicated by several silent nucleotide changes and one amino acid change, which apparently developed in a short period (the initial isolate of both groups was obtained about 1 month apart); for this reason, we cannot rule out the possibility that both groups could have had a common form but different ancestor.
Sharma, 1999), thereby proposing a method for conducting a statistical test of such distances in order to assess formally the distinctness between modelsnested or nonnested.
In the future, Quebec's social distinctness may be based on the type of plural society being created there, and most notably in Montreal.
In addition to the total and specular reflectance tests, industry engineers also evaluated materials under consideration for distinctness of image, 15-degree reflected haze, color metrics (CIE "LAB", yellowness index ASTM D1925) and ASTM standards E308 and E430.
Not only does that give the product distinctness, it enhances sheet characteristics, notably absorbency.
In his celebrated painting of the "Mandrake (Mandragora autumnalis)," Ligozzi abandons the anthropomorphic traditions that had been associated with this plant from antiquity for a representation of scientific, almost tactile, clarity and distinctness.
The fact that students in this study chose the extraneous number for use in solution plans more frequently in some problems than in others might mean that the degree of distinctness between the two set types in the first sentence influenced their choice.
We can no longer speak of Algerians, North Africans, Kurds or Blacks but must have the willingness to understand and appreciate the nuances and distinctness of each person sitting in front of us, along with the many diverse elements which make up that being.
6) 1 argue that there are two distinct ways of approaching these issues, which I call the Bodily Distinctness View and the Bodily Relatedness View.
Their opening line is we are the Borg, prepare to be assimilated we will add your biological and technological distinctness to our own.
Rather, he does so because individuals are themselves distinct, not replaceable cogs in a grand social machine, and respect for this distinctness entails leaving them at liberty to set their own courses as they see fit.