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Application of taxonomic distinctness indices of litoral macroin-vertebrate communities for assessing long-term variation in ecological quality status of intertidal ecosystems, northern China.
Washington, April 11 ( ANI ): Scientists have revealed that identifying evolutionary distinctness of birds will help them save birds from extinction.
The 6'6" 29-year-old revealed that more than any similarities, if any, the distinctness between him and Koscielny is the main ingredient of their success.
Among the topics discussed are assessing the hydrological effects of forest plantations in Brazil, understanding and managing climate change effects on river ecosystems, taxonomic distinctness as a measure of diversity in stream insects exposed to varying salinity levels in southeastern Australia, the unnatural history of the River Trent in England and 50 years of ecological recovery, and integrating habitat conservation with amenity and recreational uses along an urban stretch of the Adige River in northern Italy.
In wood coatings, such as clear varnishes and stains, they promote complete coverage, smooth finish, and excellent gloss, clarity and distinctness of image.
Some emphasize the unity (the oneness) of God by minimizing or ignoring the distinctness of the members of the Godhead; others do the opposite, emphasizing the distinctness of the members of the Trinity, while seemingly ignoring the unity and simplicity of God.
It generally destroys the distinctness of the four successive notes.
A great many dishes surprising in their Portuguese distinctness. As a country bordering the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Portugal brings something new to the table with an unpretentious satisfaction component sure to gain in popularity here in the United States.
"Living together" implies retaining distinctness. The full description would be "Two people living together." But marriage is a change in state.
AbuZayd added that the clustering of refugees in one place and their preference to maintain their distinctness have also prompted feelings of resentment from the local populations, increasing alienation of refugees.
Factors such as colour match, texture, distinctness (DOI) of image and degree of orange peel are much more difficult to define because they are interpretative.
A new handheld instrument is designed to measure orange peel and DOI (distinctness of image) on small and curved parts.