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To set apart as being separate or different; to point out an essential disparity.

To distinguish one case from another case means to show the dissimilarities between the two. It means to prove a case that is cited as applicable to the case currently in dispute is really inapplicable because the two cases are different.

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v. to argue that the rule in one appeals court decision does not apply to a particular case although there is an apparent similarity (i.e. it is "distinguished").

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to show that a precedent is not in point. When a lawyer has distinguished a precedent, he has shown the court that it does not actually cover the facts of the case before the court.
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This is readily handled "behind the scenes" by mixing the unrelated primer and probe sets in one reaction, as long as the probe fluorophores are at distinguishably different wavelengths so that the real-time PCR instrument observes them independently.
Helicopter tail rotor is a major noise source; therefore, investigation of tail rotor noise characteristic becomes distinguishably valuable and important to control the helicopter noise level.
Distinguishably, the CRA provisions and regulations falling under the exclusive jurisdiction of the National Parole Board govern an administrative pardon also known as a record suspension.
The heightened susceptibility to living in poverty and with limited access to quality education is distinguishably more detrimental among Cambodia's rural and ethnic communities.
The figure clearly shows that even though the two specimens had very similar residual strains before the second test, the true stress-original strain curves are distinguishably different at the original strain level of 0.08, i.e., before the yield point.
Hong Kong Fever's accent, as his stage name suggests, is more distinguishably Cantonese.
"Sweat caused by physical activity (internal thermal stress) and environmental heat (external thermal stress) are produced by secretions from the eccrine sweat gland, while stress (emotional) sweat is produced by secretions from the eccrine and apocrine gland, and as this sweat mixes with bacteria on our skin, the result is a distinguishably foul odour," she said.
Having assigned the mechanisms of postmodern perspectivation to an economic stage of "late capitalism," every contemporary issue is inscribed within the double perspective of the cultural environment and the subtextual, but distinguishably felt, economic field.
With measurement error up to 5% taken into account, the differences in HS aggregations caused by different solvents did not distinguishably affect the power harvesting density of the PUs.
Photochromism is the term used for a reversible photo induced transformation of a molecule between two isomers whose absorption spectra are distinguishably different (Durr and Bouas-Laurent, 1990).

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